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7 Commercial Roof Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

commercial roof maintenance mistakes

Your roof protects your assets and everyone in it, so you should never take it for granted. Leaks or significant damage could cost you big time and even land you in legal trouble.

The issue is that there are a ton of commercial roof maintenance mistakes you have to avoid. These mistakes will add to your costs, result in poor work, and cause you a major headache.

Getting a quality roof is ideal, but you also need to know what to look out for when conducting roof maintenance. Read on for a quick guide on seven commercial roof maintenance mistakes to avoid.

1. Procrastinating

The first major mistake is procrastinating and putting your regular roof maintenance off. It’s true that a high-quality roof can last for several decades. However, every roof fails at some point.

The phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a dangerous mentality to have. A minor leak could quickly become a major problem if you leave it alone for too long. If your roof has a major leak or fails in some way, it won’t only inconvenience you.

Problems with your business’ roof could be a liability. A customer could get hurt, or your business profits could suffer. If you procrastinate for too long, you’ll have to close for several weeks to complete the necessary repairs and installations.

Avoid this by doing regular commercial roof maintenance and not putting it off.

2. Trying to Do It All Yourself

A ton of commercial roof maintenance mistakes begin this way. The DIY route can be rewarding, but only if you know what you’re doing. With commercial roofs, you have a much higher bar to clear.

Anything you do has to be up to code. The health and safety of customers are at stake, and you have a duty to the public. Commercial roofing companies can be expensive, especially if you run a small business, but they have the training to complete the job.

You might think you can save money doing it yourself. However, if you make a mistake, you could cause damage to your roof. You or your employees could also get hurt if you aren’t careful.

The best approach is to hire the pros and leave it to them.

3. Covering or Reusing Materials

You never want to reuse old or failed materials, and you don’t want to cover them up, either.

Any time you think you would save, cutting corners will come back to bite you. Reusing flashings, for example, is an all too common mistake. The same is true for trying to salvage old materials.

You won’t get good seals doing this, and you’ll open your roof up to more problems. Moisture can creep into the cracks, and all your work could be for nothing. When doing commercial roof maintenance, replace the materials that need replacing.

4. Improper Water Protection

Anyone familiar with commercial roofing knows that the meal or outer coating is never the end-all-be-all. Every roof needs a moisture barrier to serve as that extra barrier of defense. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes is forgetting about this or installing it improperly.

Your roof will decay over time. The material develops cracks, and moisture or water sneaks in. As long as you have a good moisture barrier, you’ll be golden.

If this barrier starts to fail, you have some major work to do. Make sure to check the barriers when you replace outer materials during maintenance. If it’s seen better days, don’t hesitate to have it replaced.

Whatever you do, however, make sure you do a good job. If you cut corners with your moisture barrier, you will regret it.

5. Forgetting to Do Regular Inspections

A regular inspection is part of preventative maintenance. If you don’t do inspections, you’ll never catch issues before it’s too late. This is a major mistake for those wanting to avoid huge damage and costly repairs.

Although some people do their own inspections, this can also be tricky. If you don’t know what to look for, you might think everything is fine. It’s essential to call a pro to do your inspections if you aren’t familiar with roofing.

6. Hiring Poor or Unlicensed Contractors

People try to save money where they can. Everyone has a cousin or friend who “could do it for a discount.” There are plenty of advertisements for fast and easy service as well.

The problem is not everyone knows what they are actually doing. If you put your trust in someone without the skills, it could cost you. You’d be back where you started with the risks of the DIY approach.

You might also face legal liabilities if the contractors don’t have the right licenses. Trust us that this isn’t a risk you should take. Shop around and look for good deals, but only look for reputable contractors.

7. Going for the Band-Aid Solution

If you want to address and avoid commercial roof damage, never go for the Band-Aid solution. Many say, “I’ll patch it up for now and do it the right way in the summer.” The problem is you might not have time to wait.

If you do regular maintenance and notice an issue, do all the work as soon as possible. Putting it off or finishing a job half-done is a mistake.

A good storm or downpour could undo your work. Your roof is also a complete system. If any part of it fails, all of it can fail.

Because of this, roof maintenance isn’t something you can easily do in small pieces. If you do it right the first time, you won’t have to spend extra time and money later.

7 Commercial Roof Maintenance Mistakes

If you want to avoid costly repairs, it’s best to know what commercial roof maintenance mistakes to avoid. Neglecting regular roof maintenance and trying to cut costs can harm your business.

At Williams Roofing and Construction, we know how to do the job right the first time. Our excellent customer service and wealth of knowledge are second to none. To learn more or find out what we can do for you, contact us today.

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