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Roof Repair and Maintenance: Roof Maintenance Myths That You Should Know

roof repair and maintenance

Did you know that, on average, roofs last around 20 years before needing to be replaced? Roofs are generally quite sturdy and can last a long time, but only if you take roof repair & maintenance seriously. If you never maintain your roof, you will find that it will fall apart and be in need of replacing much sooner than you might expect.

There are even some roof maintenance myths that might get in the way of properly maintaining your roof. But what are these myths, and how wrong are they? Keep reading and learn more about these common roof maintenance myths below.

Modern Roofs Don’t Need to Be Maintained

There are many types of roofs out there, and many people think that modern roofs are just about invincible. This is because modern roofs use all sorts of new technology to be as durable as possible. They might have features that make them better at insulating the building, more durable against the sun, and so on.

All these new features may make people think that modern roofs don’t need to be maintained at all, but this is not true. While modern roofs don’t need to be maintained as much as older roofs, they still need regular maintenance. Otherwise, your roof will quickly start to decay and will need to be replaced.

This is the case with every roof that is never maintained properly. After all, despite all the new features that modern roofs have, these features are still not enough to make these roofs invincible. While it takes more wear and tear and more time for these roofs to fall apart, it will still happen after enough time passes.

The Details

This is very true for commercial roofs. Whatever the case, if you want your roof to stay in good shape, you’ll need to consider a few different factors. To start, having regular inspections is very important.

When a professional comes and inspects your roof every once in a while, you can always keep up with whatever care your roof happens to need. If the roof doesn’t need any maintenance for the moment, then that’s great. But if the roof is starting to show some early signs of wear and tear, then you should fix those signs immediately rather than letting them sit around and get worse over the years.

As long as you do that, your roof should last a long time.

Power Washing Is Good for Roofs

There are many roof maintenance tips that people may follow to keep their roofs in good shape. One thing that a person may do to keep their roof clean is to use a powerwasher on it. After all, a powerwasher is a very powerful device that can easily remove all sorts of grime and debris from your roof.

However, in this roof maintenance guide, you will learn that power washing your roof is a bad idea. But why? Using a powerwasher on your roof may seem like a good idea at first since it can certainly blast whatever dirt might be stuck to your roof.

However, while doing this can make your roof look cleaner, using a powerwasher on your roof will only end up harming your roof. This is because the machine will end up forcing water under the surface of the roof, where it may get stuck. If that happens, mold and mildew may start to develop inside the roof, which will cause it to weaken.

What You Need to Know

Besides that, using a power washing machine on your roof can also strip essential layers from the roof. Most modern roofs have a special layer on their surfaces that makes them more durable against the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you accidentally strip this layer off with your powerwasher, your roof will start to have a variety of problems.

In particular, the roof will be very vulnerable to the sun’s rays, and the roof might even start to become discolored. This will happen slowly, and you may not even notice it happening at first, but once it does start to happen, the damage will be reversible. Sooner or later, you’ll have no choice but to replace the roof before the damage gets too severe.

If You Can’t See the Damage, It Isn’t There

Many people believe that if they can’t see any damage on their roof, there isn’t any to worry about. However, this often isn’t the case. There are many cases in which a roof may look perfectly fine, but in reality, it has all sorts of problems that are ruining its effectiveness.

For example, your roof might look fine, but it might actually be suffering from many small leaks that are starting to ruin the deeper layers of the roof. This, of course, could cause serious problems down the line, such as big leaks that could make it into your building. There may be other problems that you can’t see that might be taking place under the roof, such as mold and mildew growth.

Whatever the case, you should always get regular roof inspections so you can know the true state of your roof.

All About Roof Repair & Maintenance

Roof repair & maintenance are both very important if you want your roof to last as long as possible. There are many myths that surround roof maintenance, such as believing that modern roofs don’t need maintenance or that power washing your roof is a good idea. As long as you practice regular roof maintenance, your roof will last quite a while.

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