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Commercial roof leak repair in Springfield, IL

Commercial Roof Restoration - The cost effective alternative to roof replacement

The beauty of restoring a commercial building roof is that you can save a lot of money. By avoiding the cost of a brand new replacement roof, a commercial roof restoration saves up to 70% of your money!

If you want to save big while gaining the same benefits as a brand new roof, you need to consider a commercial roof restoration. Can you afford to risk the contents of your building and its foundation by neglecting the condition of your roof?

We Handle Every Aspect of Roof Leak Repair for Your Commercial Building With the Best Manufacturer Warranties.

Enjoy a Worry-Free Roof

Are you concerned about your roof leaking every time it rains? Perhaps it’s time for professional roof leak repair. We understand the frustration of a leaky roof in your commercial building. You’re trying to run a successful business but you have to worry about unsightly wet ceilings or water-damaged equipment. The longer you wait, the worse and more expensive the issue will become. You can trust our team of leading commercial roofing experts for the best quality roof leak repairs in central IL. We work with you to help you understand the benefits of each roofing system and why it’s the best choice for your specific roof. We only use high-value roofing systems and work efficiently so you can get back to business ASAP. Get in touch to find out how we can provide the most comprehensive roof leak repair services in Springfield, IL.

We only use products from the best manufacturers

The Causes of Roof Leaks on Commercial Buildings

The most common causes of a leaky roof are extreme weather and lack of maintenance. Sometimes heavy foot traffic or storing heavy items on the roof can add to the risk of leaks too. 

Springfield’s warm humid summers and freezing winters cause expansion and contraction throughout the year. Freezing and melting ice, storm damage, hail, and intense sun exposure will increase the wear and tear on your roof if it’s not properly maintained. 

The more vulnerable points of your roof such as the seams and fasteners are usually where the leaks begin. Regular maintenance of a commercial roof is vital to avoid leaks and increase the lifespan of your roof. 

Roof Leaks Lead to Bigger Problems

The leak may seem minor, but you may not realize the extensive damage going on behind the scenes. Roof leaks can lead to serious problems in commercial buildings. Water ingress will damage valuable inventory and manufacturing equipment.

Roof leaks also reduce the integrity of the ceiling and other parts of the building, making it very dangerous for employees and customers. If you notice any signs of leaks from your roof, it’s important to get a professional inspection before the problem gets worse.

Benefits of Early Roof Leak Repair

Solving your leaky roof early will save you money in the long run by eliminating the risk of further damage. You’ll also experience many other benefits from early repairs.

Prolong the Life of Your Roof

Professional roof leak repair will add years to the life span of your roofing system. Regular maintenance will help you get the best value from your roof long term.

Save on Energy Bills

A fully-functioning roof system will help to seal your commercial building preventing loss of heated or cooled air. A well-sealed building will help to keep your energy costs down.

Improve Safety

Fixing a leaky roof as soon as possible will ensure the safety of the building for employees and customers. Stopping the leaks will reduce the risk of damage to ceilings walls and floors.

Increase the Value of Your Property

A commercial property with a leaky roof will have a lower market value than one with an intact roofing system. Protect your investment and maintain the roof to get the best value for your property.

Protect the Contents of Your Building

A leaky roof will not only damage the building but also its contents. Your inventory, machinery, fittings, fixtures, and other contents are all valuable items that need protecting.

Improve the Look of Your Building

A commercial building with an outdated and damaged roof doesn’t give the best first impression for the business. Roof repairs with a professional finish will keep your roof looking in top condition.

High-Value Roofing Systems & Services

Our commercial roofing services include roof repair, roof replacement, and roof installation. We have decades of experience working with a wide range of commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, car dealerships, restaurants, and schools as well as government buildings and apartments.

Our commercial roofing experts assess our clients’ roofs to make a comprehensive recommendation on which roofing system is best for their commercial building.

Some of the commercial roof types we specialize in are flat roofs, low-slope roofs, and metal roofs. We only use the best quality roofing products and systems for our clients including:

The high-value roofing systems we sell are from industry-leading specialists for the best results. Aldo Products, IB Roof Systems, and GenFlex supply an excellent range of roof coatings, pre-fab PVC commercial roofs, and innovative roofing solutions for commercial buildings.

How Roof Leak Repair Works

Why Williams Roofing and Construction?

Our professional team of specialists at Williams Roofing and Construction has been providing the business owners of Springfield, IL with the best quality commercial roofing solutions since 1985. As a local family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on proving our community with the best-personalized service. Our priority is 100% customer satisfaction. Unless you are completely satisfied with our work, we have failed. We are fully licensed and certified roofing specialists accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We have served hundreds of satisfied customers in central Illinois which has earned us our excellent reputation in the region.

Product Guarantees & Leak-tight System Warranty

You will never have to worry about poor-quality products or repairs with Williams Roofing and Construction Inc. All of the roofing systems and products we use come with excellent guarantees and warranties from the manufacturer.

The Best Value Commercial Roof Leak Repair

We understand that commercial roof repair or roof replacement is a big investment. That’s why we offer the most competitive rates and transparent quotes for quality roof leak repair in Springfield, IL.

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