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Selecting Commercial Roofing Materials for Your Springfield Business

commercial roofing materials

Snow, rain, sun, wind- what’s the weather today? In Springfield, it’s possible to have all the seasons show up in the same week. Most people look outside the window or open a door to find out the weather, but if you can tell the weather conditions outside while standing inside, it’s time for a new roof.

Commercial buildings typically have different types of roof construction than residences. When you look for a new roof, the most important factors are cost, longevity and energy efficiency. Commercial roofing materials for Springfield and surrounding areas need to keep the local weather in mind.

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Energy Efficiency, Longevity and Cost

A commercial roof system can have a lifespan of 10 to 50 years with proper installation and care. Climate and sub-roof conditions increase the variance.

The cost of energy in the region is going nowhere but up. Factor heating and cooling costs into your roof replacement. Energy efficiency and sustainability parameters are part of the permit process.

Often most important and the most variable is the overall cost of new roofing. Some roofs cost less to install and maintain but have a shorter lifespan or lesser energy efficiency.

Pick the Right Roof for Your Use

Some important considerations before making your budget or choosing a roof type. Is your roof

  • sun-facing
  • flat or angled
  • exposed to weather extremes (wind, heat, freezing)
  • walked-on
  • visible
  • exposed to chemicals, grease, etc.

Different weather patterns and different types of building use affects your choices. For example, a south-facing angled roof of a restaurant will have different materials selection than a flat roof of an office building

Consider the durability of the roof, its energy efficiency, and its maintenance cost. In Springfield, weigh the benefits of a dark-colored roof to reduce the heating bill, with a light-colored cool roof to limit air conditioner use.

Commercial Roofing Materials

The top commercial roofing materials are listed below:

  • Metal Roofing
  • Spray Foam Roofing
  • Thermoplastic PVC Roof Membrane
  • Thermoset EPDM Roof Membrane
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Membrane

Metal Roofing for Longest Life

Durable metal roofs are very popular due to their 40 to 60-year lifespan. There are several different types of metal roofing systems available. Top-end roof systems can come with integrated snow removal systems or solar options.

Common metal commercial roofing materials include:

  • Corrugated galvanized steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Coated steel
  • Stainless Steel

Metal roofing is fire resistant and can be finished in a variety of attractive looks. Some builders prefer a shine, others an aged patina.  A metal roof is strong and a \”green\” choice. Metal roofs are susceptible to corrosion but protective coatings and regular maintenance protect against environmental damage.

Spray Foam Roofing for Flexibility and Insulation

Spray foam is spray polyurethane foam (SPF). The material is a liquid spray that expands into a foam, then hardens into a solid layer. This type of roofing goes on top of an existing roof.

An SPF roofing system is durable, flexible and insulating. It is seamless and waterproof. With regular inspection and maintenance when necessary, a properly installed roof can last 50 years.

Single-ply PVC Roof Membranes for Adverse Conditions

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) roofing systems are durable under adverse conditions. They are perfect for areas exposed to strong sunlight, chemicals, smoke, soot, and grease. PVC resists puncture and bacterial growth.

Single-ply PVC rolls are lightweight, heat-reflective and fire-resistant. They tolerate high wind and high temperatures. This type of roof can handle some walking. It is flexible and withstands moderate traffic.

We install IB Roof Systems, some of the most advanced and well-known products in the industry.

Thermoset EPDM Membrane for Cost-Effective Protection

Thermoset rubber rolls or Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) are a pollution-resistant durable synthetic roofing membrane. An EPDM roofing system resists sunlight and solvents. It is suitable for many different types of buildings and roof slopes.

EPDM comes in white and black rolls, so if a color choice is important, be aware it is limited. In addition, it isn’t very pretty to look at. EPDM is not puncture-resistant, so it is suitable only for areas that will not have walkers or falling debris. 

The single-ply rubber is resistant to chemicals like acids and alcohol, but grease and oils affect durability.

Tried and True Built-up Membrane Roof

Built-up roofing membrane has the shortest expected lifespan. Plan on around  20 years with care. Alternating layers of tar and gravel make up the roof system. It is one of the oldest types of flexible roof systems.

The number of layers affects the cost and weight of the roof.  It is the least expensive type of roof and easy to repair. However, it is vulnerable to vibration and sagging if the underlying structure is inadequate or damaged.

This type of roof system is seamless, sun-resistant and heat-absorbent. It can be coated to reflect heat. 

Ask a Commercial Roofing Materials Expert

Do you need answers about types of commercial roofing materials? Williams Roofing and Construction has more than 30 years of experience working with all types of commercial and residential roofing materials. 

Let our experts talk you through all the options for commercial roofing manufacturers. We install Aldo products and IB Roof Systems and stand behind our work. We know roofs: Spray foam, metal, EPDM, PVC, built-up membranes, and more.

Let us help you find the right roof to protect your building from Springfield’s unpredictable weather. Sun, rain, snow or wind, we can help you find the right roof for your use and your budget. We offer energy-efficient and green options to meet your needs.

We deliver long-lasting, durable roofing systems. After installation, we are available to provide regular inspections and maintenance to keep your roof in top condition. We provide roofing repairs and emergency service on-call.

Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate.

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