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Here’s How PVC Roofing Can Save You Money and Help Your Business

pvc roofing

For business establishments, roofs are a very critical part of the overall structure. Compromising on the roof quality could have devastating effects on the entire building, which is never good news for the business.

Many businesses are embracing PVC roofs and rightly so. These roofs are a great alternative to your conventional roofs. PVC roofing has many benefits that could save your business money. 

A PVC roof is not only good to look at, but it also can help your business save a bundle. This article will highlight some money-saving benefits of PVC roofs. So the next time you want a roof for your business, you know why you should opt for commercial PVC roofs.

What is PVC Roofing?

It is first important to have a firm understanding of what PVC roofs are. The piece will then get to the juicy money-saving bits after. So what exactly is PVC roofing?

PVC is short for PolyVinyl chloride. But before you get your lab coats out, PVC roofing is not a complex chemistry subject.

PVC is a very durable and affordable type of plastic. It has many other applications and makes an excellent roofing material.

A typical PVC roof will consist of three layers — two layers of PolyVinyl chloride and another layer of polyester. The polyester layer reinforces the adjoining PVC layers. Apart from these materials, PVC membrane roofing may also contain additives for increased strength and flexibility.

A special acrylic coating covers a PVC roof. This coating gives the roof its characteristic sheen. It makes the roof dust and dirt resistant.

How Can PVC Roofing Help Your Business Save Money?

It’s almost unbelievable that a simple roof could increase your business’ profit margin. Once you consider the many benefits of PVC roofing, it then becomes clear how a good PVC roof can save your business a bundle.

Here are some money-saving benefits of PVC roofing

1. They Last for Decades

PVC roofs retain their structural integrity and sheen for a very long time. This longevity translates to fewer repairs. You also won’t have to replace your roof for decades to come.

Expect a typical PVC roof to last you at least 20 years. That’s a whole two decades without spending on any roof replacement meaning you get to save a lot of money on repairs and replacement costs.

2. They are Easy to Clean

Remember, PVC membrane roofing is dust and dirt resistant. This resistance is all thanks to the special acrylic coating on the roof, which also helps it retain its shine through the years.

Most businesses opt for professional cleaning services. These companies charge a considerable fee for specialty services like roof cleaning. 

An ordinary roof needs thorough cleaning at least once a year. Besides the cash set back, you have to deal with a drab looking roof until it dries. Frequent cleaning of tile roofs erodes the roofing material.

With PVC roofing, you barely need to do any cleaning, and you can leave the dirty work to the rain. A simple rain shower will have your roof looking brand new.  

To save your business thousands in cleaning costs, PVC roofing is a great choice. 

3. Extremely Durable

Most folks have beautiful roofs but always complain about the frequency of repairs. While aesthetic is undoubtedly important, costly repairs are never good for business.

PVC roofing is incredibly strong and resistant to moisture. Moisture can be incredibly damaging to your roof. PVC roofs are moisture-proof because of the seams welded with hot air.

Apart from the watertight bonding, these seams add to the strength of the roof. This additional strength makes PVC roofing extremely durable. 

Talking numbers, a typical roof repair costs at least $650. Approximating three to four repairs a month, then a business spends an estimated $2000 on repairs monthly.

Note that regular maintenance also adds to the cost. A bit of caulking and sealing could add an extra hundred dollars to the cost.

That’s not to mention how disruptive repairs could be to normal business activities. Since time is money, repairs are more costly than just the upfront cost.

PVC roofing requires less frequent repairs and maintenance. So settling for a PVC roof could save you a good amount of cash.

4. Fire, Wind and Chemical Resistant

Apart from PVC roofs being resistance to moisture, these beauties are also resistant to fire. Chemicals and wind also stand no chance against PVC roofing.

PVC roofs don’t support combustion. This means as long as the source of fire is removed, the roof won’t burn down.

Businesses stand to lose a lot from fire disasters. Fire incidents have completely decimated some businesses, and PVC roofing is one way to prevent or mitigate fire disasters.

These roofs are also resistant to strong winds. They have been known to resist category three hurricanes, so PVC roofing is an ideal choice for hurricane-prone areas.

PVC is resistant to chemical action. This resistance makes it ideal for chemical dealers and warehouses. Acid rain also cannot corrode PVC roofs.

When You Choose PVC Roofing, Choose Professionals Contractors

A PVC roof can only confer the following benefits if installed properly. If you need a PVC roofing for your business establishment, remember, the roofing is only as good as the roof installation.

It’s important to always hire professional roof installers. Remember, a good PVC roof could save your business a lot of money.

When you need expertly installed PVC roofing, contact Williams Roofing for the best value services. You’ll get a beautiful and flawless roof for your business.

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