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How To Remove And Avoid Ice Dams This Winter


Winter is finally here, but is your roof ready? Anyone who has lived in a snowy climate knows that snow can cause some interference with your day to day life. For roofs in particular, snow can lead to dangerous ice dams, which keep ice and water from vacating your roof. Left to sit, this ends up a heavy, ice-bound mess on your roof. Today we will discuss a few ways you can remove ice dams, and even avoid them altogether!

Inspect Your Insulation

An important thing to remember as winter begins, is to check your attic for signs of air leaks. These are often caused by poor insulation, but if you take the time to ensure your ventilation is in top condition, you can keep your attic warmer. A warmer attic is less likely to accumulate snow and ice dams.

Improve Your Ventilation

Poor attic ventilation is another common cause of ice dams, and will generally require the assistance of a professional to fix. Have a roofer perform a seasonal inspection to find out if your ventilation is performing optimally.

Use A Snow Rake

A snow rake is a quick and easy way to break apart and remove ice dams. Removing them promptly is best, as they will only get more solid with time. Using a rake to remove them allows you to stand at a safe distance on the ground, so you can get those ice dams broken up in no time.

Install Heated Cables

This method of prevention will also require a professional. Installing heated cables alongside the edges of your roof will help prevent the ice dams from forming in the first place. While this option is a bit pricier, it is an efficient and consistent way to make sure your roof is free from ice dams at all times.


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