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Readying Your Roof for Winter Precipitation

\"wintrySnow covering the ground is certainly one of the highlights of winter, but snow sitting on your roof can cause a number of issues. Roads become treacherous and trees can be brought down, but snow can also threaten the security of your roof. To help you actively prepare against the negative effects of winter precipitation, we walk through the basics of snow damage here.

Roof leaks are one of the major concerns when snow accumulates on your roof. As the snow melts and runoff water makes its way down the roof, it may be prevented from draining from built up ice or debris. This trapped water pools up and sits on the roof, searching out areas to drain from, often invading weak spots on the roof and leaking into the material below.

Accumulating snow on a roof also adds weight to the load your roof must support. Exceeding the amount of weight your roof is designed to support makes the chances for damage many times more likely. This type of damage is observed most often in aging or poorly maintained roofs, but it can occur to any roof under the perfect storm of circumstances.

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