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3 Common But Frustrating Roof Problems

New home owners might be giddy from their recent purchase, not realizing that problems can be lurking beneath their own roofs — literally! It’s frustrating to have to deal with problematic roofing, and even more so when you’re not sure what’s causing the problem to begin with. Here are three common problems with causes that aren’t easy to pinpoint.

A Rippling, Bulging, or Sagging Roof

\"aIf your roof isn’t lying in a straight line, you can be sure something’s wrong. It could be water damage, wind damage, or a structural failure somewhere beneath the roof. The only way to tell for sure is to let a professional lay eyes on your roof. They know where to look to see if water is the culprit, or if there is something else to blame.

Strange Smells

The smell of mildew near your roof is not a good thing. That could mean mold growth from excessive moisture. Make sure that your roof does not have piles of wet leaves sitting on top of it, as they can be an atmosphere for mold to thrive. Wetness that has crept beneath the shingles can cause the wooden decking to mold or rot as well. Finally, check your gutters. If they are backed up, they won’t smell very nice.

Warped Shingles

Shingles are meant to lie flat against your roof. If you notice any of them starting to rise up from the others, or if the shingles have curled edges, undetected water damage might be the cause. You’ll want to get a professional roofer out to your home as quickly as possible to assess the damage and quote you a price for repairs.

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