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Metal Roof Restoration: What are the Top Benefits?

A roof is arguably the most vital piece of any building. It shields it’s visitors from the many forces of nature while providing the comforting aesthetic of an enclosed safe space. 

The roof of a space protects essential utility systems. When a roof starts to break down, a roof restoration is the only means of preserving and protecting the structure it belongs to.

Clay tile was used by European settlers in the mid-17th century and is still used in certain parts of the world today. Wood, asphalt, and various composites are also used in the roofing industry. 

In the mid-19th century, metal began to leave its mark by providing an efficient means for low-slope applications. There are many benefits to using metal roofing and opting for metal roof restoration.

Check out this guide about metal roofing and the many benefits of metal roof restoration.

Why Might You Need Metal Roof Restoration?

If installed correctly, a metal roof can last upwards of 30 years without the need for repairs. Most of the time that a metal roof requires restoration, it’s a direct result of the finishing tactics used during the original installation.

If the right materials aren’t used or if particular areas aren’t methodically checked during installation, problem areas will develop over time. And if they aren’t caught before a certain point, the restoration process will be much more complicated.

Some of the reasons for which you may need to replace a few metal roof panels or restore your metal roof are as follows:

  • Open ridge/headwall flashing
  • Open seams
  • Metal roof oxidation
  • Fastener back out
  • Open penetration flashings
  • Loose counter flashing
  • Panel damage
  • Improper installation methods

The metal expands and contracts during extreme changes in temperature. As the panels do this over time, it creates stress at the points of attachment. When this happens, the flashings break down, leaving room for leaks.

Oxidation occurs in many of the metals used in roofing. Often, the metal sheets used to make a roof are covered in a protective coating. As this coating wears away, the metal grows more susceptible to oxidation.

The longer you wait to tackle this issue, the bigger your metal roofing cost will be.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration?

There are many benefits of opting for metal roof restoration. While it may be a more expensive material to start with, the benefits of metal roofing and restoration are bountiful.

There Will Be Less Energy Consumption

For lower interior temperatures, metal roofing reduces the amount of heat that a building absorbs. As a result, your business will stay cooler, longer, which improves the comfort of your building and your clientele.

There are less cooling requirements, which inevitably cuts energy costs. Thus, you’ll preserve your HVAC equipment as there is less of a strain on it.

Your Roof Will Have a Longer Lifespan

If properly installed and well taken care of, a metal roof can last 40-70 years. With metal, you can stop damaging UV rays, which inevitably accelerate degradation. Because of a lower roof temperature, you’ll reduce building movement that is damaging. 

You’ll eliminate leeks and future potential damage. Plus, many metal roof restoration jobs boast an extended warranty.

You’ll Be More Sustainable

By reducing energy consumption, you’ll reduce your fossil fuel usage and your carbon footprint.

You’ll reduce air pollution and the \”heat island\” effect, which occurs when an urban area is significantly warmer than rural surroundings because of the human activity. This can cause further damage to structures and force people to live and work in pockets that are hotter than others. It may also require increased HVAC use.

Many of the water-based coatings that are used on metal roofing have low VOCs, the volatile organic compounds which can be dangerous to health and the atmosphere.

You’ll Save Time and Money

Roof replacement costs are hefty. Plus, when you replace an entire roof, your business is exposed, and if a temporary and efficient method of covering isn’t used throughout the entirety of roof replacement, your business and products may become compromised.

Metal roof restoration costs much less and will leave your building looking clean, new, and strong. And you won’t have to worry about losing money by closing up shop to replace your roof.

What Are the Different Types of Metal Roofing?

There are many different types of metal roofing. 

Copper is one of the most expensive, but it is incredibly long-lasting. It is soft and has a low melting temperature.

Aluminum is excellent to use near saltwater, as it is resistant to saltwater corrosion. It’s also long-lasting.

Zinc has the lowest melting point and is resistant to corrosion. It’s extremely long-lasting.

Tin is rarely used anymore. Steel is one of the cheaper options and comes in different variations for different needs.

Metal roofing prices vary, depending on the metal you choose and the installation process. Either way, restoration is much less expensive than installation. If you continue to have your roof inspected at least bi-yearly, you can expect to catch any issues before they become too big, and you’ll be able to enjoy your roof for years and years to come.

Within the different metals we mentioned, there is also a wide variety of options, like shingles, stone-coated, and standing seam.

A Roof Inspection Is the First Step

If your roof hasn’t had an inspection in a while or you’re worried there might be a leak, don’t wait to have it assessed. While you might be hesitant to carve out the time or reach for the money now, any issue can escalate, and be much more expensive, later.

Start your year, or your mid-year, with a roof inspection, so that you can know where you stand and acquire some peace of mind.

You’ve got nothing to lose. We’ll give your roof restoration estimate and inspection free of charge!

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