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Is It Time for Metal Roof Replacement or Restoration?


You chose a metal roof for your building because it’s durable and long-lasting, right? Compared to regular shingled or tiled roofs, a metal roof is a great long term and environmentally-friendly investment.

Like any other part of a building, a metal roof does require some love and care. Regular maintenance will keep your metal roof in tip-top shape for years.

However, there will be a time when every metal roof reaches a point where it needs more than a little maintenance. Extreme temperatures, precipitation, wind, sun and time wear through even the most well-maintained metal roofs.

Fortunately, not every metal roof needs a complete replacement. Roofs with minor damage can get away with a restoration. If your roof is severely damaged or worn down with age, a metal roof replacement would be a better choice.

So, how do you decide if your business needs a roof replacement or restoration?

Here’s everything you need to know to determine if you need a metal roof replacement or restoration.

Metal Roof Replacement Vs. Restoration

Metal roof restoration is a cost-efficient option. Fixing small patches of rust or dents can be done through restorations. Unless there is a major leak or storm damage, restoring problem areas is perfectly acceptable.

Major damage from storms, hardware failures, or leaks will require a metal roof replacement. This means you will need a completely new metal roof to replace the old one.

Replacement is more costly up-front, but it will save you money over time as it will fix all problems, rather than patching a few at a time.

Metal Roof Restoration 

Minor rust damage and leaks in an industrial type of metal roof can be fixed without replacing the entire metal roof. As seasons and temperatures change, buildings expand and shrink causing seams in the roof to leak and rust to form.

If the majority of the damage is minor, a replacement is not needed. Restoring the damaged areas will get your metal roof to look like new.

Metal Roof Coating

Add a quality roof coating to your metal roof and regularly reapply it as needed. Coatings help prevent the spread of rust and leaks by acting as a barrier between the elements of Mother Nature and your metal roof.

There are many types of metal roof coatings to choose from. A durable roof coating, like silicone, is a great long-lasting choice. It doesn’t degrade as quickly as acrylic roof coatings and is more environmentally friendly due to its longevity.

Cool roof coatings are also an environmentally friendly option by reflecting the sun’s rays with light-colored and light-reflecting pigments. Cool coatings help keep the building’s temperatures cooler while providing a durable seal for the metal roof.

Repair your current metal roof to its former glory and prevent future degradation by adding a roof coating. Your business’s metal roof will look (and work) like new.

Replace a Few Shingles or Panels   

For those who have a shingled metal roof or one comprised of small panels, you can restore your metal roof by replacing only the panels and shingles that are damaged. This is considerably more affordable than a metal roof replacement.

If there’s a lot of rust, water damage, faulty hardware, or the roof coating was too thin on a couple of shingles, consider replacing only those problem areas. As you replace a few shingles or panels, make sure you and your roofing professional check for additional damage.

Restore these areas right away as leaks and rust can cause extensive damage to the roof and building which can lead to a full metal roof replacement.

Before you move forward with any restoration plans, have your business’s metal roof inspected by a professional. Metal roofs that appear to have only a few trouble spots may be hiding a bigger issue.

Signs of a Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofs are designed to be easy to maintain and have fewer issues than traditional shingle roofs. But as described above, every roof reaches a time where it needs replacement.

Whether your roof is experiencing leaks and rust or suffering damage from a severe storm, here’s what to look for if you’re considering a metal roof replacement.

Creeping Rust

Rust is a telltale sign that moisture and other elements are affecting your industrial roof. This is usually caused by the deterioration of the metal roof coating. Once that coating disappears, air and moisture come in contact with the metal leading to rust.

Regularly check your roof for rust or have a roofing professional check for you. Other signs of rust include skylights, leaks, ridges, fasteners, or small holes in the roof.

Rust affecting the majority of your metal roof and causing additional problems is a sign you’ll need a metal roof replacement.

A Leaky Roof

A leak in a roof is a clear sign the roof is failing. This means there are cracks, gaps, or holes forming in the metal roof with the possibility of rust and even mold.

Leaks can be caused by warped metal panels, improperly installed hardware, poor quality coating, rust, storm damage, and much more. Have your leaky metal roof inspected by a professional to determine the damage and if a metal roof replacement is necessary.

A Loose and Dented Roof

Severe weather, improper installation, animals, and insects can cause a metal roof to gap, warp, and loosen. Misshapen metal roof panels can cause rust and leaks to form. In some cases, uninvited creatures will make their home in your building’s roof and walls.

Illinois is notorious for high winds. If you’ve experienced an extreme storm recently or have a tree poking through your roof, you may want to contact your nearest roofing specialist and get started on a metal roof replacement.

Birds, rodents, and insects like to build their nests in walls and roofs. This not only does this affect the integrity of your metal roof, but these uninvited guests can also be dangerous, hazardous, and will continue to do more harm than good for your building and business.

Have a roofing specialist inspect your metal roof and help you decide if a metal roof replacement is for you.

Give Your Roofing Professional a Call

Are you considering having your roof checked or replaced? Before you jump into any roof renovations or replacements, contact your local roofing specialist. Industrial metal roof installation is not a DIY project.

Whatever your roofing needs, give us a call! We’re happy to inspect your metal roof and help you through the process of a metal roof replacement.

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