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Roofing is a $56.7 billion business right now. Commercial roofs are of the utmost importance because they protect countless employees and customers that come and go. 

If you run a business that has a brick-and-mortar office, take the time to get roof cleaning services and care. But what should you know about cleaning your roof?

Here are some commercial roof cleaning guidelines to embrace. 

Understand the Importance of Commercial Roof Cleaning

Before anything, learn why commercial roof cleaning is so critical. For one, a commercial roof will look better when cleaned and well-kept. Your roof will have more curb appeal and will attract customers of all types. 

Some benefits of commercial roof cleaning include:

  • Regular cleanings allow you to pinpoint potential danger and areas of repair
  • Cleaning a roof gets rid of mold and bacteria buildup
  • Removing debris will keep your roof structurally sound
  • You’ll get more excellent years out of your roof
  • Roof cleanings can keep you in compliance with the warranty

There are various commercial roofing materials that you might explore when constructing, buying, or renting a new office. Find out the correct way to clean your roof material so that it looks great and you prevent damage. 

Regularly Sweep the Roof

Next, make certain that you’re sweeping your business roof regularly. Too many property owners wait until the roof needs a deep and thorough cleaning before taking action. Sweeping the roof intermittently will keep the roof looking amazing before you even handle any more substantial cleaning. 

This applies whether you have a metal roof or other types. Debris weighs heavy and can wear your roof down to the point of creating leaks and other types of damage. 

Get Your Gutters Cleaned

Roofing professionals will help you clean your gutters regularly. When your commercial roof gutters get backed up, it makes it difficult for your roof to drain moisture correctly. You should get your gutters cleaned no fewer than two times per year and as many as four times per year if you live somewhere with heavy leaves falling. 

Professionals will clean your gutters carefully and without the use of sharp tools, which can puncture your roofing materials. They’ll also step carefully on your roof during the gutter cleaning process so as not to create any damage in the process. 

Handle Snow Cleaning

Don’t forget about inclement weather when you’re focusing on roof cleaning. If your office is located somewhere that gets lots of snowfall, you’ll need the help of pros that can quickly clear snow and ice. If precipitation is allowed to freeze overnight, you leave yourself open to roof collapse and other types of significant danger. 

This not only compromises your roof but also puts people’s lives and safety in danger. 

Consider the Cleaning Process

Before putting your roof on a cleaning schedule, you should learn which techniques will work for you. Most importantly, avoid any roof cleaning technique that involves heavy tools or anything that can scratch, crack, or break your roof materials. 

Instead, work with a roofer that uses effective cleaning sprays or soft bristle brushes. Have the professional walk you through their cleaning method so that you understand what kind of work will be done, how long it’ll take, and how long you can expect the results to last. 

Figure Out What Roof Cleaning Products You Need

Diligently research and shop around for whatever cleaning products you’d like to use on your roof. When at all possible, use roof cleaning products that are eco-friendly. This cleans your roof without polluting your office building and leaving harmful residue. 

Consider the materials that your roof is made from so you can decide which cleaner will also get you the best results. You may also want to apply a clear sealant to your roof so that it locks out water and prevents it from seeping deeper into your roof materials. Stock up on the best cleaning products available so that you can provide your commercial roof some TLC in between professional services. 

Speak to a Professional That Can Clean Your Roof

There is no substitute for finding the help of the best professional roof cleaners that you can find. These professionals clean roofs on a case-by-case basis and will let you know what kind of labor and products will serve you best. 

From there, these pros will provide you with cost estimates for their service. This allows you to shop around for the best work available, making sure that you get excellent cleaning at a cost-effective rate. 

Look Into Warranties and Protective Measures

You can also protect your roof with a warranty after getting professional cleaning services. The warranty will help you get even more years out of the roof and will protect the cleaning quality. Speak to your business insurance provider to learn whether getting regular cleanings can also make you eligible for lower premiums. 

The more protective measures you put into place, the better performance you can get from your commercial roof. 

Cleaning a Roof on Your Terms

The points above will help you with all of your commercial roof cleaning needs. It’s a labor of love that you will appreciate when you see just how valuable it is to your roof and your office as a whole. 

Williams Roofing & Construction Inc. can help you with whatever roofing work that you’re looking for. We offer service to customers in and around the Springfield area. Use our contact form or call us at (217)636-8071 or send a text to (217)899-6644. 

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