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Commercial Flat Roof Repair for Your Church Roof: A Guide

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Churches provide a stable influence in a community. They’ve long represented the deep faith of the people who grace their doors. More importantly, the church members have effectively served their communities well by having a reliable church building. 

So when your church roof begins to leak, you have a big problem that requires a big solution. You need a stable building where people can gather to worship and serve. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about commercial flat roof repairs as well as how to find the best commercial flat roof repair company for your church. 

Common Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

When you bring a commercial flat roof repair company in to inspect your church roof repair, they will begin telling you all the possible things that could be causing your problem. Here are the most common commercial flat roof repairs to expect. 

Flashing Repairs

When a commercial roofing company lays a new roof, they line the areas around dormers, chimneys, walls, and any other vertical plains with flashing. Flashing is a zinc alloy or galvanized steel that redirects water back to the roof and protects the seam between the vertical area and the roof surface. 

Unfortunately, not all commercial roofing companies lay flashing effectively. When they miss a seal, the flashing lifts. Water then seeps into the roof and causes leaks inside the building. 

A commercial church roof repair company will repair or replace the flashing. Properly installed, flashing protects your roof and building overall. 

Gutter Repairs

Rain gutters sit at the edge of the roof. They redirect water from the building away to the ground. Debris such as leaves and twigs will typically fall and clog the gutters. 

Engineers designed gutters to move water. They did not design them to hold the weight of leaves and twigs. Excessive weight can cause your gutters to sag and pull away from the lip of your roof. 

Ultimately, a gutter full of debris can cause damage to the roof. 

A professional roof company inspector will quickly see this problem. They can clean and repair the gutters, moving back to their optimal performance. 

Commercial Roof Leaks

You’ll know you have a commercial roof leak when you find stains on your floors and water, streams of water on your floor, or pools of water inside your building. A commercial roof inspector will carefully examine your roof, and they can determine where and how the leaks occur. 

Poor Ventilation

If you have poor ventilation in any building, you will have water problems. If you live in a cold environment, poor ventilation will cause internal frost problems. Moisture from inside the building will accumulate and then freeze in the crevices of the roof. 

If you live in a hot weather climate, you need proper ventilation to prevent mold and algae. Without ventilation, the moisture will stay on the roof. Mold will grow, and you’ll have a biohazard for your entire church building. 

Questions to Ask Your Church Roof Company

Churches have limited budgets. You’re working with your congregation’s donations and a fairly unstable source of funds. So you want to make sure you hire a reliable, affordable company.

When you find a commercial church roof repair company, ask them the following questions.

What Insurance Do You Have? 

Make sure the company has both general liability and workman’s comp insurance. Workman’s comp insurance covers the medical bills of any workers who may sustain an injury while repairing the roof. General liability covers any damage the company may accidentally do to your building. 

You protect your building by hiring a company with adequate insurance. 

Do You Remove the Old Roof?

Removing an old roof is a dangerous, onerous task. You could certainly save money by having church volunteers remove the roof. But you’ll protect your church members better by having the pros remove the roof for you. 

Professional roofing companies can spot problem areas. They’ll know where the areas are soft and how to avoid falling through a rotting roof. 

Do You Remove Roof Refuse? 

A quality roof company will have large refuse containers like a commercial dumpster. This way you won’t find nails or other roofing materials on your church lawn. You also will protect church members from debris by having such a container. 

How Do You Handle Inclement Weather? 

Weather can change quickly. If you have half your church roof exposed, you have a problem. Ask the company how they’ll protect your roof when inclement weather arrives and they’re only partially done with the job. 

What Is the Warranty On Our New Roof? 

A quality commercial roof should last approximately 25 years. Ask the company about the warranty and guarantees so you know what to expect. You should be able to feel secure that your church won’t have to run a capital campaign for a new roof for a few decades. 

Do You Have a Detailed Estimate? 

Do not sign a contract with a roofing company if they cannot provide you with a detailed estimate. The detailed estimate should say exactly how much the roof will cost. It should include costs such as adding the new roof, removing the old roof, repairing flashing, extra materials, and anything else that could cost extra. 

Repair Your Church Roof With Confidence

Your church roof does more than keep the rain out. It provides your church congregation with a safe, warm, dry place to worship. When the church roof fails, you must spend valuable financial and time resources to repair it. 

You need to hire a reliable commercial church roof replacement company so you can get back to the focus of your church. You’ll best be able to serve your community when you have a reliable church building. 

Is your commercial building roof showing signs of wear and tear? Have you found wayward drips of water and puddles inside your building? If so, we can help. 

Contact us today for all your commercial roof needs. We have the experience, expertise, and excellent customer service that you need. 

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