Church and School Roofing

Church Roofing

Most Church Buildings Have to Stand the Test of Time and the Same Goes For Their Roofs. Trust Our Roofing Experts!

For buildings that are home to churches or schools, it’s important to have a roof that can withstand the test of time with minimal interruption to the folks inside. These types of roofs are a specialty of ours — from ornate, heavily sloped church buildings to more institutional colleges or school structures.

Whatever your needs are, Williams Roofing & Construction is the company to call for expert assistance. We can offer your school or church a variety of roofing systems, all of which come with different warranties. 

It takes a special skill level to offer churches/school roofing in Springfield, IL and the surrounding area, and we’re proud of our reputation in the field. For the top roofing contractors around, call our team today!

Maintenance of a Church or School Roof

School Roofing

We Guarantee the Quality of Our Roofs and the Safety of the Children Underneath.

Look around town at any church, and you’ll probably focus on the one feature that makes it stand out the most: the roof. Churches, obviously, are some of our most beautiful buildings. We’re proud to work on them! We know the importance they hold for people, and so give them due respect and reverence when working.

As for schools, they can offer their own level of attractiveness — albeit often with flatter roofs! We will go over every aspect of your roofing needs and will get to work on providing you and your organization with only the highest in quality.

Williams Roofing and Construction has been in business since 1985. Our motto: Unless you are satisfied, we have failed. Satisfaction is our #1 goal. And remember, we’ll perform a free inspection of your existing roof and give you an estimate for repairs or replacement — with no obligation to you.

For more information about church and school roofing in Springfield, IL, and the surrounding area, contact us at (217) 636-8071. Williams Roofing & Contstruction, Inc. is the roofing company to trust! Give us a call and let us prove it to you.