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What to Do when Your Roof is Leaking

Is water dripping down the wall? Do you have a bulging water stain on the ceiling? A leak in your roof can be a serious problem, causing extensive damage to your home. To minimize the damage, here’s what to do when your roof is leaking.

Keep Things Dry

\"whenDo what you can to minimize the water damage in your home. Move rugs and furniture away from the leak and put down a tarp or bucket to collect water. Don’t have a tarp or bucket? Use a trash can, rain jacket, or vinyl tablecloth to contain the drip. You can use an old towel to blot drips from your drywall. If you have painted walls, the paint could run and smear, so don’t use your fresh white towels!

How Bad is It?

If your leak is a slight dribble down the wall, don’t panic. While you will still need to locate the source of the leak, it may not be an urgent problem. If you have a large, bulging water stain or the ceiling, you need to act quickly. The leak is building up pressure, and your drywall will not support the weight forever. After arranging your bucket and tarp, take a screwdriver and stab a hole in the middle of the bulge. This will allow the water to drain rather than spread throughout your ceiling and walls.

Call a Roofer

Contact a trusted roof repair company as soon as possible! Detecting the source of a leak can be difficult, and if you want quality repairs, you’ll need a professional. To find out the extent of the leak, you can check your attic for signs of water damage or wet insulation. In the winter, ice dams on your roof can often lead to leaks inside the home as well.

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