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What Questions Should I Ask a Commercial Roofer Before Hiring Them?

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Two high-altitude workers work on the roof with insurance

The average lifespan of a roof is thirty years. Many things can affect this average, however.

A roof might have a shorter lifespan in areas of severe weather. It can take damage from flying debris, tree limbs, and more. A roof can also last longer if it’s well taken care of.

Let’s say it’s time you replace the roof on your company’s building. How can you be sure to hire the best commercial roofer for the job?

Continue reading to learn a few essential questions you should ask a commercial roofer before hiring them. These will cover the most important bases of what you should expect in a commercial roofing company.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Commercial Roofer Available

When it comes to your company’s roof, you don’t want to mess around. If the roof becomes damaged, it can easily let in both water and bugs. Neither of these situations is good for business.

Water leaking in from the roof has the potential to damage anything housed inside your company’s building. It can also cause severe damage to the building’s foundation.

Bugs can deter customers from doing business with you. Depending on the types of insects that get inside, they can also pose a health hazard or damage your property.

Even worse, if the roof becomes too damaged, it can collapse. This places your employees at a severe risk of becoming injured.

When it’s time to replace your roof, you want to find the best commercial roofer available in your area. This ensures you’ll feel confident in your new roof. Below are several questions you should ask when determining whether you’ll hire a specific company.

Does Your Company Carry Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Workers’ comp insurance covers accidents that occur while the roofing company is working on your property. If someone falls and breaks his leg, for example, this insurance would cover his medical bills.

It’s required by law for all companies to carry workers’ comp insurance. Some companies still try to slide by without paying for it, however.

What happens if the roofing company doesn’t carry workers’ comp insurance and a worker gets injured?

You could potentially be responsible for medical bills because it happened on your property. These medical bills could range upwards of thousands of dollars and leave your company in serious debt.

Does Your Company Have General Liability Insurance?

Workers’ comp handles worker injuries, but general liability insurance covers your actual property. This type of insurance isn’t required by law, but the most reputable companies will carry it. 

Things can happen when working on your roof. If damage occurs, this insurance will cover the costs to repair it. Without this insurance, you’d either have to pay for it yourself or try to take the case to court.

Do You Supply Your Own Container for Disposing of Refuse?

The roofing contractor you hire should supply their own container for disposing of refuse. This shouldn’t be the responsibility of the business owner.

A lot of refuse comes from replacing or repairing a roof. Pieces of wood, insulation, and more can add up quickly. A container allows a safe place for these items to go without creating a hazard or eyesore at your place of business.

Can You Provide Proof of State Licensing?

All roofing companies are required to be licensed through the state they work in. A professional contractor should have no problems providing proof they’ve been licensed. If a contractor doesn’t want to offer you evidence, this is a big red flag you should seek the services of a different company.

Will You Be Using Subcontractors on This Project?

Subcontractors are often used on construction jobs that require specialized services. If the job involves the use of electricians, for example, roofing contractors will hire subcontractors. They might also be hired to handle your gutters.

If subcontractors are used on your roofing project, you want information on who was hired. This lets you know who is actually at your property and ensures subcontractors are meeting state guidelines.

How Much Roofing Experience Does Your Team Have?

On-the-job experience is essential. Many contractors learn more on-site than they ever did in training. This is just the way things are for most skilled labor.

Inquire how much experience the team has. This answer might be supplied as a range, such as \”my team has between one and thirty years experience.\” Or, the contractor may tell you how much experience they have.

Knowing how much experience the owner or primary roofer has is okay if they’ll be overseeing your project themselves. This answer doesn’t help if someone else will be monitoring the project, however.

Can You Supply Recent References?

A great commercial roofer should be able to supply you with references for recent projects they completed. Two or three references should suffice. Sometimes these are provided as signed statements, while other times, they’re contact numbers for previous clients.

It doesn’t hurt to look online to see what people are saying about the commercial roofing company you hope to hire. Many online review sites allow previous customers to leave reviews on companies they’ve used. See how satisfied these previous customers are as a whole.

Do You Have More Questions About Hiring a Commercial Roofer?

If you want to feel secure in your new roof, you want to hire the best commercial roofer available in your area. Asking the questions above can help ensure you make the correct decision.

Do you have more questions about hiring a commercial roofer? Or do you need to hire a commercial roofing company for your business?

Contact us today.  One of our associates would be happy to answer any questions you still have. They can also talk to you about your roofing project if desired.

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