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Research shows that you should have a roof replaced every 20 years, but the gutters must be cleaned at least every fall.

In addition to gutter blockages and roof replacements, you should also be vigilant about spotting a roofing leak.

Even though it can feel daunting to address a roof leak when there’s water dripping from the ceiling, you can’t ignore roof damage like this. 

Thankfully, there are several options and stages to go through when you spot a hole in the roof or need a roof leak repair.

We’ll start with signs of a roof leak and move on to tips for solving and repairing this issue. So, let’s get started! 

How to Spot a Roofing Leak Emergency

The most obvious sign of a roofing leak is a water stain on the floor or ceiling. Although depending on the design of the property, the stain might be from an upstairs bathroom or storage loft. 

So, if you can access the top level, you should check for interior damage before calling a professional for a roof repair. If there’s no sign of leaking inside, it’s most likely a roof leak and will need further inspection. 


We’ve all experienced a dripping roof when you have to place a bucket under the roof and deal with constant water falling from the ceiling. It’s not fun, and most people want to find a quick solution to this problem. 

Sometimes, a drip can stop temporarily, as it could be a small leak that worsens with heavy rainfall. But you should get it fixed even if it’s small.

It’s better to repair a small leak before it spreads or causes more severe roof damage. 

Outside Damp Stains

Most people focus on looking for dampness stains inside, but leaks can cause problems on the exterior of a property and can go unseen. The dampness can develop if there are complications where the roof meets the wall. 

To be safe, you should check the outside property for dampness, which will indicate that you need a roof repair. 


There’s no denying that mold is never a good sign, and if you spot black spots or green fuzz forming on walls, it’s time to call a professional roofing company. 

Mold can result from other property problems, but you can’t know for sure until a professional has looked and can clarify where the mold is coming from. 

What to Do When You Have a Roof Leak

A roof leak can be a small patch of dripping water or complicated structural damage, so it’s essential to assess the individual situation before moving to pick a solution. 

If the roof leak is massive, the first thing to do is clear the area and remove essential items that can be damaged by water. 

Move Valuables

If you have a commercial property with computers and other technical devices, you must prioritize moving valuables away from the roof leak. 

Of course, this is only necessary when you have a large leak and are concerned about protecting your belongings. Alternatively, you should focus on containing the water in a small bucket before a professional can take a look. 

Take Photos for Insurance

Another important step for fixing a roof leaf is to take photos for your insurance company. Generally, you should have physical documentation of the roof leak if you need to file insurance claims. 

For businesses, this is essential as you need proof of the roof damage, and the photos will help you plan for the repair if you need to replace large areas of the roof. 

It also makes it easier for a roofing company as they can observe the photos and come up with suggestions for fixing the leak quickly. The photos will speed up the process and protect your insurance, so don’t forget this step!

Call a Roofing Company

Above all else, you should ensure that you call a roofing company. Even if the roof leak is small, it’s not something you want to risk. This is particularly important if you rely on the property for business and commercial purposes. 

The last thing you want is to cause more damage to the roof through DIY methods. So you should always call a professional roofing company to assess the damage. 

Do You Need a Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Deciding between a roof repair or replacement will depend on the roof leak’s severity and the damage. It’s a good idea to consider a repair before a complete replacement, as this will cost less. 

If the roof leak has just developed, you can start with a roof repair and try some roof leak prevention tips such as: 

  • Caulk chimneys
  • Frequently clean gutters
  • Cut the trees nearby
  • Watch out for damaged roof
  • Schedule roof inspections annually

If these tips aren’t successful, you can still book a roof replacement for the property. 

Other reasons to consider getting a roof replacement are the roof’s general condition, the materials’ weather resilience, and if the damage has spread to more areas of the roof.

Our team at Williams Roofing and Construction can take care of roof leaks and repairs so you can fix the structure of your property and continue doing business. 

We offer services in roof repairs, replacement, installation, and metal roofing options. So, no matter what the problem, we can handle it!

The most important thing is that you call a professional to ensure the roof is repaired correctly and you don’t injure yourself from getting on top of a roof. 

Book a Seamless Roof Repair by Professionals

During heavy rainfalls or other extreme weather conditions, it’s extra important to watch out for dripping, molding, or signs of dampness that could indicate a roofing leak. 

If you spot damage on the roof, you need to call a professional as quickly as possible. That way, a roofing company can suggest a minor repair or complete replacement if the property needs more attention. 

Looking to book a roof leak repair? Click here to find our contact information and talk to the team today.

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