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\"photoWhen looking for roofing information on the internet, you are bound to find a few tall-tales about different roofing materials. Some roofing myths sounds very logical and become commonly accepted as true. Here at Williams Roofing and Construction, we hear many of these myths, so we compiled our top four into a list. Have you heard any of these?

Top 4 Roofing Myths

Myth #1: Metal Roofs Are Really Noisy During Rain Storms.

This is a concern for many home owners when considering a metal roof. They think their metal roof will be a cacophony of raindrops during storms. However, your roof will most likely be as silent as your previous roof. Insulation in your attic muffles the sound of rain.

Myth #2: The More Insulation In Your Attic, The Better For Your Roof!

This sounds logical, right? After all, insulation means your roof will be better protected from damage and your home will retain it’s heat or cool during weather changes. However, there is such a thing as too much insulation. When you stack too much, this can lead to poor ventilation. If moisture gets caught in an area with poor ventilation, it can turn into water damage, mold, and wood rot.

Myth #3: To Repair Or Replace Your Roof, Just Install New Material Over The Old One.

We’ve heard this about roof coatings and shingles. When you see an area of your roof that is missing materials or is damaged, the last thing you want to do is just install new material over it. This ignores the problem and can even cause further damage. Your roofer should come out to inspect the area and then install new roofing material to ensure your roof is prepared for the new roof.

Myth #4: Annual Roof Inspections Are A Waste Of Time And Money.

This myth is not only silly, it can be dangerous and costly. Annual roof inspections are important for your roof’s health. During this time, your roofer can find any small issues and repair them, fortifying your roof against further damage. When you decide to discontinue these, those small problems are permitted to grow and weaken your roof, leading to huge problems and full roof replacement later down the line.

We hope that this has been informative. Heard any interesting myths? Let us know. If you need a roof inspection in Springfield, IL, call Williams Roofing and Construction today at [nw_data field=phone]!

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