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Roof Maintenance: Preparing for Fall

\"neighborhoodBefore we know it, the cool relief of fall will be here. The leaves put on a show while we sit back and enjoy the view, but is your home prepared to weather the cold season and protect you and your family from the elements? Now is the ideal time to plan ahead – take advantage of the fair summer weather to service your roof and prepare for fall with these quick tips.

Do It Yourself Tips

  1. Trim trees away from roof lines. Pay close attention to trimming branches that hang over your roof.
  2. Clean gutters to be sure there are no blockages. Clogged gutters can freeze in wet weather, causing gutters and fittings to crack or burst over time.
  3. Inspect seals around doors and windows. Secure any gaps with caulking to keep outdoor elements away and to make your home easier to heat and cool.
  4. Consider a backup generator. Winter storms are notorious for cutting electricity in many neighborhoods, so having a backup source of power can keep you from going days without electricity.
  5. Check for loose or damaged roofing. The heat and storms of summer may have ruffled your roof, and fixing any damage as soon as possible will protect the integrity of your roof.
  6. Have your roof inspected by a roofing professional. A roofer will be able to spot damage that is not easily detected by the untrained eye, and tackling issues as soon as they arise will help you avoid expensive repairs down the road.

For more help on preparing your roof or home for fall, call us at [nw_data field=phone] for rapid maintenance and repairs!

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