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What Qualifies as a Roofing Emergency?


As a homeowner, you may wonder what scenarios entitle you to call for emergency roof repairs. The simple answer is this: if your roof cannot prevent the entrance of water into your home, then you have a roofing emergency. A few specific scenarios tend to cause most needs for emergency roof repair.


Not every hailstorm creates an emergency problem with your roofing. Though any amount of hail can damage your roof, most roofing systems can absorb the punishment up to a point. An emergency situation develops in two scenarios. If large hail actually punches a hole through your roof, call for repair right away. Additionally, if a lengthy storm has left the majority of your roof pockmarked and bruised, you should call for an immediate inspection.

High Winds

Nothing can inflict damage to a roof quite like high winds. The winds themselves will displace shingles, which can wreak havoc across an aged roofing system. The real problem comes from debris, however. Winds high enough to thrust debris through the air can wield objects like scythes to shred a roof to pieces.

Intense Rainfall

While rainfall itself does not present much of a concern, its effect on the ground most certainly does. Sodden soil provides a less secure anchor for trees, and large ones can become vulnerable to high winds. Throughout a prolonged downpour, your roof can become at risk for these fallen trees. In most cases, a tree that has impacted a roof creates a need for emergency repairs.

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