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As commercial roofing contractors with 30+ years of experience, there isn’t a commercial roof we can’t restore to day-one condition. 

Restore Your Roof the Right Way


Is your roof suffering from weather, structural, or time-related damage? Has a lack of time or budget gotten in the way of you getting it fixed?

Aside from posing a serious risk to anyone underneath them, damaged or worn down roofs can seriously take away from the market value of your property. 

As one of the leading commercial roofing companies in Springfield, Champaign, Bloomington, and Peoria, IL, let us restore your commercial roof to better-than-new capacity. 

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30+ Years of Experience

Since 1985, we have worked tirelessly to satisfy every single one of our hundreds of customers. In spending the past three decades sharpening our commercial roofing services, we’re proud to say that we’ve become the go-to authority for everything commercial roof repair and restoration in Illinois.

Through our unrivaled experience, a wide variety of systems, and use of high-quality brands like Aldo and IB Roof Systems, we guarantee that every customer of ours walks away with a durable, beautiful roof that they can be proud of.

Restoration for All Types of Roofs

While we specialize in energy-efficient systems for low-sloped, commercial metal roofing, we are equipped to tackle just about any kind of commercial roof there is. Whether it’s roofing for apartments, churches, schools, or anything in between, we’ve got the perfect solution.

You can restore your metal roof to its day-one performance with our flat metal roof restoration, enhance the energy efficiency of your roof with our metal roof restoration, weatherproof your roof for years to come with our spray foam solution, and so much more. Plus, if you’re not sure where exactly to go with your roof, don’t worry—we’re happy to lend our expertise to help you decide on the perfect solution for your specific situation. 

How It Works

Step 1: Get a Free Inspection

We firmly believe in personalized service, which means that before we can offer you the perfect solution, we need to see your roof in person. This is why we offer thorough roof inspections to all of our customers on our dime. You can book your free inspection today over the phone, through our online submission form, or even in-office at our Springfield, IL location. 

Step 2: Choose the Best Option 

After inspecting your roof and assessing the work that needs to be done, we’ll discuss with you the best solutions we offer for your specific problems. If you’re happy with our solution (and estimate), we’ll go ahead with processing your order. The only left for you to do is schedule a convenient time for our restoration experts to come to do the necessary work. 

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Roof 

Come job day, we’ll show up at the scheduled time, get to work with your restoration, and be on our way as quickly as possible. After the quality of our work, your time is our highest priority. Before we leave, we’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied with your new roof.   

We are Your First Choice for Commercial Roofing Contractors in Illinois

With every decade that passes, we separate ourselves further from the competition. Now, with over three decades of experience under our tool belts, we’re confident in saying that we are among the leading commercial roofing companies in Springfield, Champaign, Bloomington, Peoria, and the general Illinois area. Whether it’s our wide selection of different roofing systems, top-quality products, free inspection process, or family-run authenticity, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied. 

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Your Roof?

Because we approach each roof as it comes, we don’t use generic pricing. Instead, after conducting a free inspection and assessing the work that needs to be done for your specific job, we’ll provide you with a personalized estimate. To price your job, simply get in touch with us today.

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When it comes to commercial roofing, there’s no better solution than Williams Roofing and Construction Inc.

Get in touch to schedule your free inspection today.  

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