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How to Get a Roof Replacement Quote in Illinois

roof replacement quote

According to 2017 U.S. Census Bureau data, Americans spend about $7,000 on roof replacement on average. However, prices can vary widely based solely on the fact that no two homes will have the same specifications and/or damage to their roof.

With this in mind, you will need to obtain a quote from a reliable roofing contractor. Getting a roof replacement quote is quite simple, as most contractors are happy to set a time to come out and inspect your roof and offer an initial estimate free of charge

Roof replacement in Illinois can be especially important considering the sometimes unpredictable weather. Storm damage, general weathering, and wildlife damage are just a few factors that lead homeowners to contact an Illinois roofing company about a roof replacement.

Let’s take a look then at the best way to go about getting a roof replacement quote in Illinois.

What Determines a Roof Replacement Quote?

As mentioned above, obtaining the cost of roof replacement can be a bit of a tricky venture when it comes to finding the right Illinois roofing company. Some details to consider when thinking about a roof replacement include:

  • Home vs. business roofing
  • Type of roofing
  • Shingle material
  • Pitch of roof
  • Obstructions
  • Age of structure
  • Existing damage
  • Season and recent weather

Home vs. Business Roofing

Due (among many other things) to the differences in size associated, the cost of a roof replace can vary widely. As we’ll talk about in a bit, the pitch and type of roofing differences between the two types of structures can make quite a bit of a cost difference.

Type of Roofing

The type of roofing can be a big determining factor in obtaining a quote, as well. Many roofing companies focus strictly on residential roofing, while others work predominantly on business roofing. As a result, it’s important to contact an Illinois roofing company capable of fulfilling your need correctly.

Shingle Material or Roofing Material

Stylized roofing material like cedar shake or terra cotta is likely to cost more than a simple rudimentary tin roof, for example. Since a majority of roof replacements in Illinois for “midrange” roofing will be for asphalt shingles, doing your homework on that specific material should give you a fairly accurate estimate depending upon the square footage. 

However, it is always important to contact a professional to give you an estimate and quote. No amount of layman research will be able to give you an exact amount of each contractor’s material and labor costs – not to mention things like availability and proximity of material products that may be needed. 

Roof Pitch

If the roof has an especially complicated or steep pitch that will require extra or specialty material, it could cost a bit more, as well. On the flip side of the coin – it can also cost more for the specific materials needed for the flat roofing that many businesses might require. 


If your home has an abundance of trees or low-hanging structures, a professional contractor may ask if they can subcontract a tree service, for example. Obstructions can raise the cost of Illinois roofing in other ways, as well. 

Consider this – if you have extensive landscaping or a hardscape near the foundation of your home that could require the need for special equipment, finding a company that can give you an accurate roof replacement quote can become a bit trickier. 

Age of the Structure

Another important aspect to consider when trying to obtain a roof replacement quote is the age of the structure. If you’re looking to flip an old fixer-upper and you’re not sure what the subsurface material looks like or the actual date of the roof’s installation, you could be in for some sticker shock if you don’t hire the right roofing contractor. 

Existing Damage

Existing damage often goes hand-in-hand with the age of the structure, but the two are not mutually exclusive. Existing damage runs the gamut from poorly maintained gutters to full-on holes in the roof.

If there is damage beyond your run-of-the-mill shingle removal and replacement, it is important to obtain a roof replacement quote from a company equipped to handle the size and scope of the job. 

Season and Recent Weather

Everyone talks about it, but somehow folks forget to consider how important it becomes to people who work outside – the weather. 

Choosing the right time of year to get a roof replacement quote can be a tricky proposition because if it’s during a rainy season, you’re likely to be charged more by contractors. This is because they may have to stop and start work multiple times during one job. 

On the other hand, if you get into summer and there have been several heavy storms or severe weather events like tornadoes or large hail, roofers will be very busy and thus have to either charge more or put you on a waitlist. 

Call a Multi-Faceted Roofing Company

As you can see, getting a roof replacement quote is the easy part. The difficult part is choosing the right company that can work with you to learn your specific needs and give you an honest quote. The right company will know the difficulties that homeowners and business owners may face when it comes to Illinois roofing. 

If you are ready to get your quote for roof replacement in Illinois or if you have further questions about a roofing job that you may need, please take a look at our blog to help guide you in the right direction.

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