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How to Find the Right Commercial Metal Roofing Contractors Near Me


Metal roofing market value is set to hit $3.3 billion in 2021. This projection accounts for the expected significant 7% growth in the sector. As a result, metal roofing is making a big impact on the lives of Illinois residents.

With countless players in the metal roofing industry, it’s challenging to decide the best one to hire. You’ll wonder, “who are the best commercial metal roofing contractors near me.” The target is to involve competent contractors who provide amazing services.

You’ll need to create a comprehensive list that’ll aid you in finding these best contractors. The idea is to get a tool for comparing the qualifications of different contractors. Read more now to discover how to find the right commercial metal roofing contractors.

Insurance Cover of Commercial Metal Roofing Contractors Near me

Insurance covers will prevent you from carrying the burden of calamities. For example, while installing a roof, the personnel may encounter accidents. If this happens, you must be specific on who will compensate the injured persons.

It’s a huge risk to employ uninsured contractors for a commercial metal roofing project. You’re willing to carry the liabilities that arise when accidents happen. First, however, you must find ways to mitigate these risks.

Having comprehensive insurance coverage is a key requirement when hiring commercial roofers. The goal is to transfer the liability to a licensed insurance company.

Ask for proof of insurance coverage when considering various roofing contractors near you. Also, find out the other measures the contractors use to mitigate accidents and injuries.


Experience is what makes a commercial metal roofing company stand out. With it comes marks of excellence, testimonies, and research findings that calms you. A company with more than 16 years of experience is right for you.

Williams Roofing and Construction Inc. is one of the commercial roofing companies in Illinois. It was established in 1985, and today it has 36 years of experience. Choose such a company that has thrived through harsh times and performed well.

The right contractors have expertise handling similar commercial metal roofing projects like yours. These contractors will accurately predict the days it’ll take to complete the work. The experience also helps the contractors to recommend the best commercial roofing materials to use.

Educational Qualifications and Certifications

Check the different boards that oversee the commercial metal roofing industry. The idea is to see the educational requirements set by these bodies. Also, you’ll get information on the certifications to review when hiring a commercial metal roofing contractor.

To get a license, the contractor must meet all these set educational requirements to be certified. In addition, the professional body will require periodic renewal of the license. Finally, to keep up with modern commercial roofing practices, the contractors require frequent training.

Ask the metal roofing contractors for their practicing roofing license. The Illinois roofing exam is difficult, and only committed contractors pass. Choosing the contractors with these certifications ensures you access reliable commercial roofing services.


You must review the track record of the various roofing contractors in your area. Find out how many projects the contractors have handled in the past 12 months. See the area of specialization of different commercial roofing companies.

Know that some companies handle mostly large commercial roofing projects. While others are new in the field and handle small contracts. Checking the portfolio of these different firms will direct you to decide the one to employ.

Types of Properties

Commercial properties vary in size and metal roofing needs. Therefore, it is essential to review the type of your property. The idea is to decide on the metal roof which is perfect for it.

Look for contractors who have experience with your types of commercial property. For example, if it’s a hospital, look for contractors whose specialty is in this area. The reason is that this contractor has the right tools for the hospital roofing project.

Warranties Offered

Imagine the horror of your new commercial metal roofing leaking days after installation. You’re unwilling to spend money on the repairs. In this situation, you should explore the warranties offered by commercial roofing contractors.

The types of warranties available are standard or extended manufacturers and workmanship warranties. In addition, Williams Roofing and Construction Inc. offers manufacturer’s leak-tight system warranties. With this feature, you’ll save money if you experience problems with a newly installed commercial metal roof.

Ask commercial metal roofing contractors if they offer a product warranty. Ask the contractors to advise you on roofing materials with a warranty.

Having a warranty is a key requirement when searching for the best commercial metal roofing contractors.

Cost of the Commercial Metal Roofing Contractors

Your business is working with a tight budget when seeking commercial metal roofing services. Therefore, it is logical to wish to find contractors with the lowest rates. However, you should not compromise the need for quality roofing work to save money.

So as much as you want to spend less, you’ll need to find competent commercial metal roofing contractors. The right approach is to get estimates from the different contractors near you. Then, go for the one with reasonable rates for services that meets your needs.

Also, check the pricing models of different commercial metal roofing contractors. For example, find if they charge hourly or for the entire project. Then, choose a contractor with a model that results in a fair final cost.

Get Reliable Services by Picking the Best Commercial Metal Roofing Contractors

Still in doubts on the need for finding the top commercial metal roofing contractors near me? The best expert will deliver superb roofing services that fit your business’s needs or want. Choose contractors who’ll complete the roofing work within the agreed period.

If you’re in Springfield, Champaign, Bloomington, or Peoria, IL, reach out to our company. We have the best contractors who provide exceptional services at fair rates. In addition, we value communication to understand your specifications and needs.

Contact us now for insights on the range of commercial metal roofing services we provide.

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