PVC Roofing

Big warehousePolyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofing, or vinyl roofing, is a flexible membrane that is considered to be very energy-efficient. Typically white in color, the sheet reflects instead of absorbs the sun’s rays.

Some brands of PVC sheets can be customized with logos or colors, while others can be designed to look like shingles from a distance. Most brands should be expected to last for 15 to 20 years and can fit almost any flat roof shape.

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PVC roofing facts

A few things to consider when choosing this type of roofing: Because of PVC’s chemical makeup, the material can become brittle over time. Additionally, you could have an issue with screws falling out and creating holes, or wind damage to the roof.

On the other hand, new chemicals have been added to make the PVC sheets much less brittle than before. And because the seams are heat-welded instead of glued down, they tend to be very strong. In fact, the heat makes the bond even stronger than the membrane itself.

And don’t forget the energy efficiency of PVC. In certain conditions, a black roof can experience a temperature spike of as much as 90 degrees, while a white roof — such as a PVC system — would increase by just 10 to 25 degrees. This difference would be reflected (no pun intended) on your utility bill.

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