Flat Metal Roof Restoration

Flat Metal Roof Restoration

Restore Your Metal Roof’s Former Glory With Our Premium Grade Restoration Services.

Due to changes in temperature, roofing systems will inevitably expand and contract. This causes deterioration over time. Thankfully, there’s a solution that doesn’t require replacing the entire system; if you have a low-sloped metal roof that needs attention, we can apply an Aldo coating to prevent water leaks and greatly extend the life of the roof.

Williams Roofing and Construction uses Aldo products because of their high quality. And they’ll save you money; if you were to replace your entire roof rather than having it restored, you’d pay up to 70 percent more. An added bonus: This type of repair can be done without disrupting your business operations at all.

If you’re interested in learning more about flat metal roof restoration in Springfield, IL or the surrounding area, contact us today. We can answer any question you have about metal roof coatings; we want to help you restore your roof, so we’ll inform you about every step and aspect!

Benefits of Metal Roof Coatings

Flat Metal Roof Restoration

Instead of Replacing Your Entire Roof, Simply Restore It And Another Two Decades To Its Lifespan.

Eventually, metal roofs may show signs of wear around the neoprene washers (which can create holes around the screws, letting water in) or the skylights, which can start to leak.

These issues can be treated with a coating system. Rusty patches are treated, after which a coating is sprayed onto the roof. This makes it both seamless and waterproof again.

Not only that, the coating also reflects heat and UV rays, which further reduces the roof’s temperature on top of its natural reflective properties. This will save you money in utility bills, of course! Restoring a metal roof rather than replacing it is also friendly to the environment since the material doesn’t end up in landfills.

In general, a roof coating can add up to 25 years to your roof’s life, so it’s something to think about before you have your entire roof replaced.

If your business has a metal roof, you already know that it’s user-friendly; metal allows water to drain easily, is weather-resistant and is durable for a long period of time. But, if it’s showing signs of wear and needs attention, we’re here help. Williams Roofing and Construction is the leader in flat metal roof restoration in Springfield, IL and the surrounding cities. Call our team today at (217) 636-8071 and get us working for you!