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Spray foam roofing is a great option for commercial roofs in Springfield, IL. It offers several benefits when compared to other commercial roofing materials, and can help save you money. Here are a few benefits of spray foam roofing:


Greater Energy Efficiency

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing has the highest R-value of any commercial roofing material. The R-value is the material’s ability to resist heat flow; the higher the value, the more insulation you get. Spray foam is also seamless, unlike the majority of other commercial roofing materials. This helps prevent air flow, lower your cooling load, and more. It also helps the roof remain watertight, protecting your building from leaks.


Although many think of spray foam roofing as soft or weak, it is actually extremely durable. Each square inch can withstand about 50 pounds, so a human can walk on it without problems. It’s adhesive strength helps it withstand high winds and extreme weather too. Spray foam roofing deteriorates very little over time and has no end life figures. A spray foam roof could potentially last a lifetime!


Spray foam roofing is hard enough to withstand some damage, but it also expands and contracts with the temperature. Many commercial roofs have problems when the roof contracts with the cold, pulling at seams or damaging bindings. The seamless, closed cells of spray foam roofing do not have these problems. The foam simply expands or contracts with the temperature, providing you with a sturdy yet flexible roofing material.

Low Maintenance

Most commercial roofs require replacement or maintenance every few years. However, SPF roofing requires little to no maintenance. Because it hardly deteriorates, there’s no need for frequent repairs. If you do need to repair a section of your SPF roof, you can easily use some caulk to fill in a dent.

To learn more about commercial roofing services and the benefits of spray foam roofing in Springfield, IL, call Williams Roofing and Construction Inc. at 217-636-8071.

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