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7 Metal Roof Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Building

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Is the metal roof of your commercial building deteriorating? If so, it’s time you adopt the recommended metal roofing maintenance tips.

In the U.S., the market size of the roofing contractors industry has been $51.9 billion in 2021. It shows that more Americans are hiring roofing services. Lack of commercial roofing maintenance shortens the roof’s lifespan.

There are benefits to maintaining your commercial metal roofing. It’ll prevent roof damages and enhance the roof’s durability. It also protects the commercial building’s value and appeal.

Do you know how you can take care of your commercial metal roofing? Here are the seven key metal roof maintenance tips that will help you.

1. Hiring Professional Roof Inspection Services

Always ensure that your metal roof gets inspected once in a while. A DIY commercial roof inspection may not be very effective.

You can miss a lot of critical things when you inspect your own metal roof. At Williams Roofing and Construction, we guarantee you a thorough inspection of your metal roof.

We provide many roofing services to clean your gutter and protect your roof from storm damage. There are many things we look for during roof inspections.

We look at the condition of the screws, seams, roofing materials after freeze-thaw cycles, gutters, and drains. If your commercial roof has any of these problems, we will correct them excellently.

We will address small roof problems that could have developed to costly damages. We will save you from costly roof repair and replacement.

2. Cleaning the Roof

A clean commercial roof enhances the exterior curb appeal of the building. Dust, debris, and dirt easily accumulate on metal roofs.

Continued accumulation of dirt and debris causes rust to commercial metal roofs. So, get your commercial metal roof regularly cleaned.

DIY roof cleaning will waste your time. Time in any business means money. Besides spending more money, your work schedule may get interrupted.

We are here to get rid of the dirt on your commercial roof. We do the work very efficiently to save you time.

We have all equipment for cleaning your commercial metal roof. So, you don’t have to spend extra cash buying products to clean your metal roof.

We also help to remove leaf deposits on commercial roofs. Don’t wait until the leaves rot and damage your metal roof. Hiring us will get rid of all the debris in the least time possible.

We are here to save you time and energy.

3. Metal Roof Coating

Rusts are major threats to many metal roofs. Rust makes the metal roofs develop small holes, resulting in leaks.

So, the metal roof coating is a key maintenance tip to consider. A good metal roof coating has many benefits.

First, it reflects the UV rays. This will prevent heat buildup in your office, saving you from extreme electricity bills. It’ll also extend the lifespan of your commercial roofing.

Coating metal roofs requires expertise and skills. We can install the best metal roof coating to your commercial roofing.

We will first inspect your metal roof to see whether it needs coating. We are Aldo certified to install SEBS Thermoplastic Rubber, Silicone, Polyurethane, and Acrylic Roof Coatings.

We will excellently restore your commercial roof systems to prevent leaks. Reach us for the best coating for your commercial metal roof.

4. Checking the Penetration Points

Penetration points on the roofs are more exposed to damages than other parts. More sunlight exposure degrades them.

Have penetration points of your metal roof checked often. This will protect the value of the entire commercial building.

You can miss many things when checking your roof’s penetration points. We will help you with this.

We will properly check your roof’s vent pipes for any damage. We ensure that the flashing materials around these points aren’t degraded.

Correcting damages in the penetration points is complex. We excellently repair and replace damaged flashing materials.

We’ll also protect your roof’s paint and metal panels from degrading materials like chemicals.

5. Removing the Snow and Ice

Snow and ice accumulate on metal roofs, interfering with normal insulation. Metal roofing also contracts and develops damages with time.

The snow water will seep into the roof’s small holes when the temperatures rise. As winter becomes extreme, the water will freeze and damage your commercial roofing.

Snow and ice also accumulate in the gutters. They expand and crack the gutters, interfering with the entire roofing system.

Several factors determine how much snow your commercial roof can hold. Even if the snow isn’t much on your commercial roofing, hire an expert.

Professional snow removal services will protect your metal roofing from getting damaged. There’ll also be good insulation in your commercial building.

Consider our services for efficient snow removal from your commercial roofing.

6. Fixing the Loose Seams

If the metal panel of your metal roofing system is weak, the roof will leak. With loose seams, the metal panels cannot hold together.

Again, loose seams make the moisture leak into the commercial building. This causes mold growth and water damage on the roofs and other building parts.

We will adequately inspect your commercial roofing seams. If they are loose, we will fix them immediately.

7. Removing Materials Touching the Roof

Unlike other roofs, metal roofing can get damaged by other materials touching it. The metal roof can get stained and degraded.

Removing materials touching your commercial roofing can be challenging and risky. You need a good roofing expert. We are the best at this.

We will safely remove metals and other materials on your commercial metal roof. We will also leave your commercial roofing system in better condition.

We follow all safety requirements removing materials on your commercial roof. Consider our services and get your commercial roofing protected.

Use These Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Metal Roof

Metal roofs easily get damaged. Maintaining a metal roof is essential for prolonging its life and adding value.

With these maintenance tips, it will be easier to protect your commercial roofing.

Are you looking for commercial roofing maintenance services in Springfield, IL? At Williams Roofing and Construction, we’re competent in commercial and residential roofing to meet your specific needs.

Contact your local flat roof pros today for all your commercial roofing needs.

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