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7 Fall Roof Maintenance Tips for Businesses in Springfield

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Fall is finally here, and very soon, winter will also kick in. Do you know what that means for you as a business person in Springfield? It’s the month of getting your roof checked and either replaced or repaired.

The months that followed fall were too hot, and suddenly the roof would experience extreme cold. If you don’t carry out proper fall roof maintenance, the structure may not shelter you from the extreme weather.

But how do you carry out proper roof maintenance during the fall season? This article is here to refresh your memory with essential fall roof maintenance tips.

1. Do an Audit Before Fall Roof Maintenance

You should start by assessing the roof’s condition to notice any signs of damage or obstructions. This assessment could also show some signs of damages inside, such as standing water, staining, or roof leaks. You don’t need any of these to interfere with your business when the problem gets out of hand.

Remove anything that isn’t part of the roof, such as garbage, lumber, leaves, debris, and tree limbs. You can’t leave behind damages or weak roofs because the situation may become unbearable during fall. Get commercial roofing inspection to ensure the roof can withstand the tough season and protect your property from the harsh weather.

2. Cut Down the Tree Branches

Too many leaves on the roof show that the branches of the tree are getting close to the roof, which can spell doom in the future. All the wind and storm during fall will send even more leaves on the roof, and you must ensure that doesn’t happen.

The weak or dead branches on the tree will soon get overwhelmed by all the weight from the ice buildup, and they’ll end up falling on the roof. All tree branches need to be at least 15 feet away from the roof. Limbs should not brush up against the shingles when the weed blows them.

3. Clean the Gutters

Even after cutting down the trees, this will not keep the roof completely out of leaves. The fall wind will still blow them from meters away to the roof. In the end, your business premises are going to end up with clogged gutters from accumulating leaves from trees. This can cause tremendous damage to the roof.

You need to clean the gutters before winter to ensure nothing can harbor the snow on the roof. Clogged gutters are prone to mold, cracking, and all kinds of damage. Water should flow properly off the roofline, but this will not happen with a clogged one.

Cleaning and monitoring the gutters during fall will prevent all these from happening once winter sets in. You can also consider installing a gutter guard system to ensure maximum roof protection from all the things that can clog it.

4. Winterize the Roof

Once you’re experiencing fall, then winter is not far away. You need to get your roof ready to handle fall.

Many things will happen to the roofs, including snow buildups, which will prevent proper drainage. The freeze will have a significant impact on the roof, and you don’t want to take any chances.

The ice accumulation can add a lot of weight to the roof causing damage to its structural integrity. Scrubbing is also a big problem on the roof that you have to look for as it can damage the roof’s membrane.

Finally, you have to assess the roof’s age because older ones get easily affected by the freeze/thaw. You need to carry out preventive maintenance on the roof to ensure it can hold during the wet and wintery weather.

5. Installing Gutter Guards

Part of essential roof winterization involves installing gutter guards, which will also reduce your roof maintenance budget. These are some kind of sheets with holes attached to roof shingles and meant to cover the gutter. The small holes in these gutter guards allow rainwater to enter the gutter but sift out the debris, leaves, and pests.

With the right gutter guard installed, you’ll be safe from regular gutter cleaning, which can be costly and time-consuming. The guards maintain the structural integrity of the roof, ensuring its longevity. Make sure you find a professional to do all this and protect your roof from the harsh weather.

6. Check the Roof’s Insulation

Another important way to winterize the roof is to ensure the insulation system is working properly. Winter will be extremely cold, and anyone will need even the slightest warmth they can get. Even when the roof looks in perfect condition, don’t discard the possibility of the insulation system being worn out.

Proper home insulation during fall will protect the roof from damage, ice blocking, and ice dams, giving rise to a warmer winter. Proper insulation will also ensure the energy efficiency of the roof hence saving money in the process. Invest in higher grade insulation for the ceiling for better protection.

7. Don’t Forget Pre-Winter Inspection

Even after doing all the repairs and maintenance during fall, it’s important to come back right before the extreme cold weather kicks in for a pre-winter inspection. The initial inspection will help determine if there are damaged shingles, loose tiles, or detached flashing.

Any of these can lead to serious problems during winter, such as water incursion. The good news is that all of these are easy to repair and are essential for the upcoming weather. As soon as you notice any problems during the inspection stage, take necessary repair steps to restore the roof’s integrity.

Proper Roof Maintenance Will Keep Your Business Running All Seasons

Proper roof maintenance for your business is something you cannot take for granted, whether it’s summer, spring, fall, or winter. The fall roof maintenance tips outlined above will work any season to ensure the longevity of your roofing.

Contact commercial roofing contractors to ensure you get perfect business shelter from the harsh weather. If you’re ready to get to work this fall, get in touch with Williams Roofing and Construction for the best commercial installation and maintenance services.

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