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Keeping the roof above your business functional and intact seems like an obvious and easy thing, right? It should be as simple as hiring someone and letting them handle it, but it isn’t always that simple.

Mistakes happen, but running a business means avoiding the mistakes where they matter and planning to do things right.

So we here at Williams Roofing and Construction are here to help you avoid the biggest commercial roofing mistakes business often make. Let’s take a closer look.

The Biggest Commercial Roofing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Commercial roofing is a vital part of any physical business. Following all the regulations and professional basics can be a task in itself. Rushing into the process unprepared leads to a lot of preventable mistakes.

Here are 7 of the biggest mistakes to watch out for. 

1. Working in Unsafe Conditions

Working in unsafe conditions is a major issue and against many different regulations. Even the smallest dismissal of a simple safety protocol can be a disaster.

A positive professional roofer will know how to handle their own workers while working, but you need to make sure your own employees are safe.

You need to make sure no unauthorized workers are near the work area. Blocking off the work area keeps your roofers focusing on their job instead of looking out for people in the way. 

If your entire building needs work, consider moving toward a temporary location or to remote working. Do not risk your employees or customers in an active work environment.

2. Reusing Older Materials

Roofing projects often come in cycles. In a previous project, you may end up with some excess material if you chose to purchase your own. When the next roofing repair comes along, it can be tempting to use that older material.

This material can often take damage over time, either from improper storage or simple wear. It might also not be the right material to do the job right.

Don’t force a contractor to use this old material. The money it saves right now could only mean more repairs and danger in the future as the job isn’t done right. 

3. Hiring the Wrong Installers

From a pure business perspective, spending as little as you can on any repair or maintenance project can seem like saving money. The obvious problem comes from hiring a cheap contractor instead of a good contractor.

Proper contractors need the right licensing to even work on your commercial roofing project. As well, a good roofing contractor will have testimonials to show that they leave behind satisfied customers. 

You need to invest in a solid roofing contractor to handle your commercial roofing. We here at Williams Roofing and Construction are a well-respected roofing company with all the qualifications you could ask for in the Springfield, IL area.

4. Resolving to Do It Yourself

An even more dangerous mistake to do is to not work with a professional at all and aim to do your commercial roofing yourself. 

No matter how handy you are, this is a dangerous way to go and will break many regulations. Businesses need to have a professional service on their public buildings, so unless you are a professional roofer on the side, doing your own work is often illegal.

It also can be dangerous. Without the professional touch, major problems in the execution of the roof repair can lead to collapses and other mishaps. These endanger your employees and set you up for costly lawsuits. 

5. Skipping out on Inspections

Regular inspections by professional roofing companies can help you spot problems before they happen and can help you stay on top of your roofing maintenance. 

When you have a new roof or go through a mild winter or similar circumstances, it might seem obvious that you don’t need a regular inspection. You’d be wrong! 

Even the smallest issue, from some standing water or lodged debris, can lead up to a major roofing disaster. Spotting these early saves you a lot of money and frustration. Take your inspections when you can! 

6. Waiting Too Long For Roof Repair

We have all been in some form of financial trouble. Every business has its ups and downs and getting through a troubling time means cutting expenses. 

The worst expense to cut is maintenance costs. When you don’t keep up on regular maintenance, small issues wear and tear their way into bigger issues. Before you know it, what could have been a small fix instead becomes a massive project. 

Protecting your investments is often the best thing you can do when you have an uncertain income. Regular roof repairs help to keep things running. 

If you need to avoid major repair costs during an income downturn, be more proactive with your repairs and maintenance beforehand. If you pay for roofing maintenance during a high period, that can save you trouble during a down period. 

7. Not Researching What You Want

The final common mistake when dealing with commercial roofing is not putting the time and effort into finding the solution you are looking for. 

Now, knowing every item and detail you need for your roof isn’t a requirement. Your roofing professional will help you figure out the details.

The problem is that roofing professionals aren’t mind readers, so if you are looking for something specific, you need to understand what it is. For example, if you are looking for solar panel installations, research what setup fits your needs. 

Be willing to work and discuss with your roofing professionals. The more you bring to the table to start, the faster and easier you will get what you need. The more of an idea you have on what you want, the fewer mistakes come out in the end. 

Trusting the Best in Commercial Roofing

Unlike dealing with residential, commercial roofing mistakes have a lot more impact to consider. You are providing support for not only you but your employees and customers too. This makes your decisions matter even more.

To get it right on the first try, you need someone who understands commercial roofing well. We here at Williams Roofing and Construction are here to help. Contact us today

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