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Get Your Roof Ready With Spring Maintenance

\"PhotoWith spring here, it is now the time to take a look at your roof. Whether you are a commercial property owner or have a residential home, spring is one of the best times to take stock and make sure your roofing system is at its best. This will better fortify your property’s defenses against summer storms and can extend the life of your roofing system overall. Winter weather can cause a lot of wear on a roof, degrading materials and even breaking a roof’s structure. Take the time to have a full assessment of your roof completed and follow our simple steps to get your roof back to protecting your home.

Spring Roof Inspection and Maintenance Checklist

Clean The Gutters

It may seem like the gutters were just cleaned. However, gutters catch all of the debris, materials, and objects that can land on your roof. Cleaning them will ensure there are no clogs, reducing water damage to your home. While cleaning, take special care to inspect the gutter system for any cracks, worn paint, rust, or separation. These are signs of damage to your gutter system, meaning you may want to have them inspected or replaced.

Evaluate Your Roof

When you are on the ground, take a moment and look up at your roof. Here it is important to note the look and the shape of your roof. If you notice any irregular bowing, your roof’s structure may be compromised and require replacement. Do you notice any green areas? Any missing or balding areas on your roof? These are signs of damage or mold growing on your roof. 

Check Your Roofing Materials

Get an up close look at the materials on your roof. Make sure to be safe during this process. If you do not feel safe, then it is better to call a roofing contractor to check out your roofing materials. If you notice any curling or breaks in your shingles or cracks in your metal, your roofing materials are wearing and may need replacement. Be sure to note any problems for later reference.

Call A Professional Roofer

Having another set of eyes look at your roof can make sure that any space that has been weakened can be repaired. Roofing contractors can perform full inspections and then complete repair or replacement. A good roofer will point out areas of concern and then review problem areas with you for the best options.

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