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Finding the Best Roofing Contractors in Illinois

Roofing contractors in Illinois

Installing or replacing a commercial roof is a huge investment, and you must find the right experts for this job. That’s why you should seek insights into the qualifications of the best roofing contractors in Illinois. Your aim is to find roofers who’ll do a great job that meets your specifications.

It’s an impossible mission to contact all roofing companies in Illinois to find out their qualifications. You must find creative ways to shortlist these companies. The objective is to quickly find a great company that’ll deliver excellent commercial roofing services.

Read more below to see the process of finding the best roofing contractors in Illinois.

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Must-Know Tips for Hiring the Right Commercial Roofers

Hiring commercial roofers is essential when it comes time to repair or replace a building’s roof. Professional roofers will ensure your property’s roof is correctly repaired or replaced and is up to code. When handling a commercial building, you want to have everything done the right way and keep all employees, customers, and other visitors safe. 

There are many great commercial roofing companies in Illinois to choose from. How will you know which company is the best fit for your roofing needs? Whether it’s a commercial roofing inspection you need or a local commercial roof restoration, be sure to hire the right people for the job.

In the guide below, you’ll find several tips to help you choose commercial roofing experts that best suit your roofing needs. Continue reading to learn more!

Find Local Commercial Roofers

When you first start your search, you can conduct a general search for, “commercial roofing company near me.” After doing so, you’ll come across several commercial roof companies in your area. This is a great starting point. 

Not only will you be given a variety of companies to then look into, but you’ll also have companies to choose from that are close to your commercial property. Having a local company address your roofing needs is ideal. The next time you need to have a roof restored, repaired, or replaced, you’ll know exactly who to call. 

A local roofing company also means faster arrival times and a more flexible schedule. 

Read Reviews and Speak With Friends

Once you have a list of some roofing companies near you, you can start researching each company. This will help you narrow your list down to the top three picks and then eventually your number one pick. To begin narrowing down your list, you should read reviews online and speak with friends. 

You should be able to find reviews on the company’s website, social media pages, and even on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Be sure to take all reviews into consideration to give you a good idea of what you can expect when hiring the same company. You can also check review sites online for more reviews.

You’ll want to speak with your friends and family members to seek information about roofing companies they’ve worked with in the past. You might also want to consider asking business colleagues and anyone else who owns a commercial property about roofing companies they’ve hired. This can give you some great insight. 

Ask for Several References

After you collect your reviews, be sure to contact each roofing company you’re considering and ask for several references as well. These references are past clients/customers who can testify on the company’s behalf. They’ll be able to tell you what they hired the company to complete and how their own personal experience was with the company. 

Call each reference and don’t hesitate to ask some questions. You even be able to ask for a portfolio of completed work from the company for you to look over. 

Check License and Insurance

Any reputable roofing company should have a proper license and insurance. If you can’t find proof of a license or insurance on the website, then be sure to call and ask them to provide proof to you. Having certification and a proper license tells you that a company is professional and will provide excellent professional services.

A company that has insurance is also essential in case anything were to happen to you, your property, the roofers, and anyone on your property while work is being done. This insurance will protect both you and the roofing company, so it’s important to have it. Otherwise, you could be held accountable for any damages or injuries. 

Look Into Their Experience

Finding a commercial roofing company in Illinois that has several years of experience is ideal. A company with many years of experience shows its professionalism and commitment. When you learn a roofing company has many years of experience working with clients similar to you, you can trust them to provide you with quality work and great customer service. 

They’ve been in the business long enough to know how to correct surprise problems without stress and how to ensure the job is always done right. 

Inquire About Services Offered

What type of roofing services do you require? Will you need gutter cleaning? Do you find to find a company that can handle both your commercial property and your residential one? 

You should understand what services a roofing company offers before hiring them. Make sure they can help you with all roofing services needed. 

Compare Prices 

Comparing prices is one of the last things you want to do. If you start comparing companies with their prices, then you might find a company will a low price but doesn’t offer the type of quality service you’re looking for. 

To avoid this, start by narrowing down your search using the tips listed above. Once you have a top three or so, you can then begin to compare prices and find the right company for you with a fair price. 

Find Great Commercial Roofers in Illinois Today

Is your commercial property in need of a roof repair, restoration, or replacement? If so, then it’s time to find great commercial roofers in Illinois! Use the helpful information listed in the guide above to begin narrowing down your search for a roofing company that can help with all your roofing needs.

At Williams Roofing and Construction Inc., our experts will walk you through every step of the process with your satisfaction as our main objective. See what’s kept us in business since 1985. 

Get your free estimate today to get started. 

7 Commercial Roofing Mistakes to Avoid for Businesses

In order to fit properly shingles are cut.

Keeping the roof above your business functional and intact seems like an obvious and easy thing, right? It should be as simple as hiring someone and letting them handle it, but it isn’t always that simple.

Mistakes happen, but running a business means avoiding the mistakes where they matter and planning to do things right.

So we here at Williams Roofing and Construction are here to help you avoid the biggest commercial roofing mistakes business often make. Let’s take a closer look.

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How Long Should You Expect Your Roof to Last?

Your average commercial roof lasts anywhere from ten to forty years.

Lifespan of a roof
tile roof with blue sky

But why such a vast range of time?

Although the lifespan of a roof varies based on several factors, the material of the roof is the biggest determining factor.

Read on to learn how long you should expect your roof to last and what shortens or extends its life.

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Here’s How PVC Roofing Can Save You Money and Help Your Business

pvc roofing

For business establishments, roofs are a very critical part of the overall structure. Compromising on the roof quality could have devastating effects on the entire building, which is never good news for the business.

Many businesses are embracing PVC roofs and rightly so. These roofs are a great alternative to your conventional roofs. PVC roofing has many benefits that could save your business money. 

A PVC roof is not only good to look at, but it also can help your business save a bundle. This article will highlight some money-saving benefits of PVC roofs. So the next time you want a roof for your business, you know why you should opt for commercial PVC roofs.

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How to Find a Commercial Roofing Contractor in Springfield

commercial roofing contractor

When you have work to be done on your commercial roof, hiring the right contractor is important. Your roof is a big investment.

Not only that, your roof exists to protect your business. A bad or leaky roof could damage your equipment or inventory, costing you thousands of dollars.

You need to make sure that you hire the right commercial roofing contractor. This is a decision where your project’s success hinges on hiring the best contractor possible.

How can you find the right commercial roofing contractor in Springfield?

Keep reading to find out.

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