5 Key Benefits of PVC Roofing Membrane

Aldocoat 395 over SPF

Does plumbing come to mind when you hear PVC?

This type of plastic is a common material for pipes, but it’s also a strong contender for roofing material.

A PVC roofing membrane is often an option on a flat or low-sloped roof like those found on commercial buildings. It offers many benefits that make it a lasting option.

Keep reading to learn five key benefits of PVC roofing.

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How Your Business Can Save Energy (And Money!) With Energy-Efficient Roofing

energy-efficient roofing

Did you know that most commercial buildings in the US spend nearly 50% of their energy resources on heating and cooling the space? Can you imagine how much money can be saved if this energy expenditure is greatly reduced?

Luckily, there is a great way to do that – by using energy-efficient roofing. The roof of your commercial building or warehouse can absorb a lot of heat during hot summer days. As a result, you have to spend tons of dollars cooling down your establishment.

Avoid that and save a lot of money each year by implementing these tips to make the roof of your business a more energy-efficient one! 

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8 Keys to Conducting a Thorough Commercial Roofing Inspection

roofing inspection

Maintaining a roof is key to protecting the rest of the building, but have you wondered if your last roofing inspection was done correctly?

The weather in Illinois can be extreme, so missing details can result in leaks or damage.

Check out these eight keys of commercial roofing inspection to ensure you’re getting the best service.

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Selecting Commercial Roofing Materials for Your Springfield Business

commercial roofing materials

Snow, rain, sun, wind- what’s the weather today? In Springfield, it’s possible to have all the seasons show up in the same week. Most people look outside the window or open a door to find out the weather, but if you can tell the weather conditions outside while standing inside, it’s time for a new roof.

Commercial buildings typically have different types of roof construction than residences. When you look for a new roof, the most important factors are cost, longevity and energy efficiency. Commercial roofing materials for Springfield and surrounding areas need to keep the local weather in mind.

Learn more about your options.

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Here’s How PVC Roofing Can Save You Money and Help Your Business

pvc roofing

For business establishments, roofs are a very critical part of the overall structure. Compromising on the roof quality could have devastating effects on the entire building, which is never good news for the business.

Many businesses are embracing PVC roofs and rightly so. These roofs are a great alternative to your conventional roofs. PVC roofing has many benefits that could save your business money. 

A PVC roof is not only good to look at, but it also can help your business save a bundle. This article will highlight some money-saving benefits of PVC roofs. So the next time you want a roof for your business, you know why you should opt for commercial PVC roofs.

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How to Find a Commercial Roofing Contractor in Springfield

commercial roofing contractor

When you have work to be done on your commercial roof, hiring the right contractor is important. Your roof is a big investment.

Not only that, your roof exists to protect your business. A bad or leaky roof could damage your equipment or inventory, costing you thousands of dollars.

You need to make sure that you hire the right commercial roofing contractor. This is a decision where your project’s success hinges on hiring the best contractor possible.

How can you find the right commercial roofing contractor in Springfield?

Keep reading to find out.

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Metal Roof Restoration: What are the Top Benefits?

working on roof Metal cheese
Man working on roof Metal cheese in site construction

A roof is arguably the most vital piece of any building. It shields it’s visitors from the many forces of nature while providing the comforting aesthetic of an enclosed safe space. 

The roof of a space protects essential utility systems. When a roof starts to break down, a roof restoration is the only means of preserving and protecting the structure it belongs to.

Clay tile was used by European settlers in the mid-17th century and is still used in certain parts of the world today. Wood, asphalt, and various composites are also used in the roofing industry. 

In the mid-19th century, metal began to leave its mark by providing an efficient means for low-slope applications. There are many benefits to using metal roofing and opting for metal roof restoration.

Check out this guide about metal roofing and the many benefits of metal roof restoration.

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Is It Time for Metal Roof Replacement or Restoration?

metal roof replacement

You chose a metal roof for your building because it’s durable and long-lasting, right? Compared to regular shingled or tiled roofs, a metal roof is a great long term and environmentally-friendly investment.

Like any other part of a building, a metal roof does require some love and care. Regular maintenance will keep your metal roof in tip-top shape for years.

However, there will be a time when every metal roof reaches a point where it needs more than a little maintenance. Extreme temperatures, precipitation, wind, sun and time wear through even the most well-maintained metal roofs.

Fortunately, not every metal roof needs a complete replacement. Roofs with minor damage can get away with a restoration. If your roof is severely damaged or worn down with age, a metal roof replacement would be a better choice.

So, how do you decide if your business needs a roof replacement or restoration?

Here’s everything you need to know to determine if you need a metal roof replacement or restoration.

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Start the Year with a Roof Inspection

The new year has begun. However, there is still time to make a good start. As you make plans and take care of important tasks, don’t forget your roof. Your roof is important for your home and safety. Start the year with a roof inspection and make sure your roof is ready to withstand all the year will throw at it.

Big Problems, Little Issues, No Problem at All

Roofer Silhouette

Start the Year with a Roof Inspection.

Inspections catch both big roof problems and little ones. Sometimes, if you’re fortunate, there’s nothing to be caught at all. However, it’s still worth the time and money required to have it done, even if there is nothing to find. If your roof inspector finds a major problem, you can have it fixed immediately, save your roof, and be set for the rest of the year.

If there is only a small problem, then you may have it fixed immediately so that you don’t have to worry over it later. Of course, a small problem can sometimes be patched temporarily so that you have time to gather the funds you need to repair it later. Other issues may be small enough to leave alone until you’re ready. Your roofer can tell you the risks involved in waiting on repairs.

Finally, if nothing is found during your roof inspection, then you have given valuable time and money for very valuable peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that the winter hasn’t hurt your roof, and that you can move forward into the year with a good, solid roof over your head.

Start the year off right and have a professional roof inspection done. Call (217) 636-8071 for expert roofing services in Springfield, IL.

How To Remove And Avoid Ice Dams This Winter

Winter Roofing

Keep Your Roof Free Of Ice Dams This Winter!

Winter is finally here, but is your roof ready? Anyone who has lived in a snowy climate knows that snow can cause some interference with your day to day life. For roofs in particular, snow can lead to dangerous ice dams, which keep ice and water from vacating your roof. Left to sit, this ends up a heavy, ice-bound mess on your roof. Today we will discuss a few ways you can remove ice dams, and even avoid them altogether!

Inspect Your Insulation

An important thing to remember as winter begins, is to check your attic for signs of air leaks. These are often caused by poor insulation, but if you take the time to ensure your ventilation is in top condition, you can keep your attic warmer. A warmer attic is less likely to accumulate snow and ice dams.

Improve Your Ventilation

Poor attic ventilation is another common cause of ice dams, and will generally require the assistance of a professional to fix. Have a roofer perform a seasonal inspection to find out if your ventilation is performing optimally.

Use A Snow Rake

A snow rake is a quick and easy way to break apart and remove ice dams. Removing them promptly is best, as they will only get more solid with time. Using a rake to remove them allows you to stand at a safe distance on the ground, so you can get those ice dams broken up in no time.

Install Heated Cables

This method of prevention will also require a professional. Installing heated cables alongside the edges of your roof will help prevent the ice dams from forming in the first place. While this option is a bit pricier, it is an efficient and consistent way to make sure your roof is free from ice dams at all times.


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