4 Reasons Gutter Cleaning is Important for Your Home

4 Reasons Gutter Cleaning is Important for Your Home

4 Reasons Gutter Cleaning is Important for Your Home.

The gutters on our roof play an important function in the well-being of our roof and home. While it might not seem like a big task, gutter cleaning is incredibly important? Without clean gutters, you can be assured that you will have home and roof problems down the road. Below are four reasons gutter cleaning is important for your home and roof.

Keeps Insects and Animals Away

It’s probably hard to believe, but leaves and other debris in gutters make great nests for birds, mosquitoes, and other insects/animals. In order to ensure they don’t tear up your gutters, roof, and home, it’s a good idea to clean the gutters.

Protects Your Home’s Foundation

The way that our gutters are installed directs water away from our home’s foundation. With gutters that are full of leaves and debris, it can either cause the gutters to overflow or gets cracks, which can then leak onto the foundation, causing substantial cracks.

Prevents Rot on Roofs and Siding

Again, when the gutter is full, it can cause the water in the gutters to overflow. When this happens it drips on the siding and onto the roof. This can cause rot, which will need to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Avoid Damaged Lawn

With water overflowing from the gutters due to being clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris, the water will need somewhere to go. Usually, water will make its way to the grass, which might seem good, but overwatering can actually hurt your grass more than it helps it.

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What Qualifies as a Roofing Emergency?

roofing emergency

Toppled trees will almost always create a roofing emergency.

As a homeowner, you may wonder what scenarios entitle you to call for emergency roof repairs. The simple answer is this: if your roof cannot prevent the entrance of water into your home, then you have a roofing emergency. A few specific scenarios tend to cause most needs for emergency roof repair.


Not every hailstorm creates an emergency problem with your roofing. Though any amount of hail can damage your roof, most roofing systems can absorb the punishment up to a point. An emergency situation develops in two scenarios. If large hail actually punches a hole through your roof, call for repair right away. Additionally, if a lengthy storm has left the majority of your roof pockmarked and bruised, you should call for an immediate inspection.

High Winds

Nothing can inflict damage to a roof quite like high winds. The winds themselves will displace shingles, which can wreak havoc across an aged roofing system. The real problem comes from debris, however. Winds high enough to thrust debris through the air can wield objects like scythes to shred a roof to pieces.

Intense Rainfall

While rainfall itself does not present much of a concern, its effect on the ground most certainly does. Sodden soil provides a less secure anchor for trees, and large ones can become vulnerable to high winds. Throughout a prolonged downpour, your roof can become at risk for these fallen trees. In most cases, a tree that has impacted a roof creates a need for emergency repairs.

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What Are the Benefits of Clay Tile Roofing For Residential Roofs?

What Are the Benefits of Clay Tile Roofing For Residential Roofs

There Are Many Benefits of Clay Tile Roofing For Your Residential Roof.

While it might not be the most popular roofing material, clay tile is one of the best roofing materials for residential homes. Though the cost of the tiles can be expensive, the benefits of the material itself outweigh the cost of the material. So what are the benefits of clay tile roofing for residential roofs? Below are some of the common benefits of clay tile.

Variety of Colors

If you are looking to stay with a certain aesthetic for your home in regards to roofing material, clay tile comes in a wide variety of colors. Whether you want a red roof or a brown roof, you are able to achieve it with clay tiles.

Different Styles

Like the color, clay tiles come in a number of styles. If you want your tiles to look like shingles or any other roofing material, clay tiles can be manufactured to look like them.

Very Durable

One of the best benefits of clay tile roofing is how durable it is. Clay tiles are one of the most durable roofing materials out there, lasting over 50 years.

Little Maintenace

Because this roofing material is very durable, it doesn’t require that much maintenance. The only maintenance that might need to be done may be repainting or cleaning the roof.


They are an expensive tile to purchase, but they are cost-effective in the long run. Because they can last for over 50 years, the performance of the tiles exceeds the cost.

Amazing Protection

Another great benefit of clay tile roofing is that it has a Class A fire resistant rating and it can withstand 150 mph winds, as well as being very resistant to hail.

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Does Your Roof Require Storm Damage Repairs?

Accumulated Hail on a Roof

Get Quality Storm Damage Repairs for Your Roof in the Springfield, IL Area

Severe storms can cause a lot of damage to your roof. If you’ve had hail come through recently, inspecting your room and having repairs made can prevent more damage from ruining the roof or causing structural damage inside your home.

You can determine the condition of your roof fairly quickly just by doing an inspection after a storm has come through. Simply walk around the base of the house while checking visible areas of the roof for any noticeable dents, cracks, or missing shingles. If you see any signs of damage, a professional roof inspector will be able to climb up and do a thorough check of the roof structure and shingles to see just how bad the damage is.

You never want to put off roof repairs due to the damage that could be caused to the interior of your home if you wait. A local roofing company will not only be able to assist you with inspections and repairs, but also help you with the insurance claims process. Detailed reports of the damage can help you get the repairs costs fully covered by your insurance company.

If you are in need of roof repair in the Springfield, IL area, contact Williams Roofing and Construction, Inc. at (217) 636-8071 for expert service. We’ll perform a detailed inspection, assist with the insurance claims, and make lasting repairs to your roof. Get in touch today for local roofing services you can trust.

Get Your Roof Ready With Spring Maintenance

Photo of springWith spring here, it is now the time to take a look at your roof. Whether you are a commercial property owner or have a residential home, spring is one of the best times to take stock and make sure your roofing system is at its best. This will better fortify your property’s defenses against summer storms and can extend the life of your roofing system overall. Winter weather can cause a lot of wear on a roof, degrading materials and even breaking a roof’s structure. Take the time to have a full assessment of your roof completed and follow our simple steps to get your roof back to protecting your home.

Spring Roof Inspection and Maintenance Checklist

Clean The Gutters

It may seem like the gutters were just cleaned. However, gutters catch all of the debris, materials, and objects that can land on your roof. Cleaning them will ensure there are no clogs, reducing water damage to your home. While cleaning, take special care to inspect the gutter system for any cracks, worn paint, rust, or separation. These are signs of damage to your gutter system, meaning you may want to have them inspected or replaced.

Evaluate Your Roof

When you are on the ground, take a moment and look up at your roof. Here it is important to note the look and the shape of your roof. If you notice any irregular bowing, your roof’s structure may be compromised and require replacement. Do you notice any green areas? Any missing or balding areas on your roof? These are signs of damage or mold growing on your roof. 

Check Your Roofing Materials

Get an up close look at the materials on your roof. Make sure to be safe during this process. If you do not feel safe, then it is better to call a roofing contractor to check out your roofing materials. If you notice any curling or breaks in your shingles or cracks in your metal, your roofing materials are wearing and may need replacement. Be sure to note any problems for later reference.

Call A Professional Roofer

Having another set of eyes look at your roof can make sure that any space that has been weakened can be repaired. Roofing contractors can perform full inspections and then complete repair or replacement. A good roofer will point out areas of concern and then review problem areas with you for the best options.

Williams Roofing and Construction Inc. is your local roofer for Springfield, IL. We provide commercial and residential properties with quality roofing services and craftsmanship. Let’s get started today! Give us a call at (217) 636-8071 for your roofing inspection!


What to Do when Your Roof is Leaking

Is water dripping down the wall? Do you have a bulging water stain on the ceiling? A leak in your roof can be a serious problem, causing extensive damage to your home. To minimize the damage, here’s what to do when your roof is leaking.

Keep Things Dry

when your roof is leakingDo what you can to minimize the water damage in your home. Move rugs and furniture away from the leak and put down a tarp or bucket to collect water. Don’t have a tarp or bucket? Use a trash can, rain jacket, or vinyl tablecloth to contain the drip. You can use an old towel to blot drips from your drywall. If you have painted walls, the paint could run and smear, so don’t use your fresh white towels!

How Bad is It?

If your leak is a slight dribble down the wall, don’t panic. While you will still need to locate the source of the leak, it may not be an urgent problem. If you have a large, bulging water stain or the ceiling, you need to act quickly. The leak is building up pressure, and your drywall will not support the weight forever. After arranging your bucket and tarp, take a screwdriver and stab a hole in the middle of the bulge. This will allow the water to drain rather than spread throughout your ceiling and walls.

Call a Roofer

Contact a trusted roof repair company as soon as possible! Detecting the source of a leak can be difficult, and if you want quality repairs, you’ll need a professional. To find out the extent of the leak, you can check your attic for signs of water damage or wet insulation. In the winter, ice dams on your roof can often lead to leaks inside the home as well.

When your roof is leaking, don’t panic! Call your local roofers at Williams Roofing & Construction, Inc. for roof leak repair in Springfield, IL at (217) 636-8071.

Advantages of Attic Insulation

If your attic is not insulated properly, you should consider making an appointment with a roofer as soon as possible. Not only does proper attic insulation and ventilation help you save money, it also helps your roof last longer. Here are a few of the advantages of attic insulation.

Saves You Money

advantages of attic insulationPoor insulation is one of the biggest causes of energy waste in U.S. homes, and wasted energy means wasted money. Compared to a home with no attic insulation, you could save hundreds of dollars on your monthly energy bill. Your exact savings will depend on the size and shape of your attic, but homeowners report significant savings afterward. Good insulation will quickly pay for itself. Plus, if you’re eco-conscious, reducing energy use is better for the planet.

Protects Your Roof

In addition to saving you money now, proper insulation and ventilation contributes to the lifespan of your roof. Moisture is a common problem in attics, which can lead to wood rot, mildew, and other damages. Instead of repairing your roof and attic later, insulate your attic now and preserve your roof.

Keeps You Comfortable

Another one of the advantages of attic insulation is home comfort. Proper home insulation helps protect you and your house from the fluctuating temperatures outside. Without it, you might notice more drafts or the need to run your air conditioner or heater more often. Reduce the strain on your HVAC system and stay comfortable with proper attic insulation.

If you need attic insulation in Springfield, Illinois, call Williams Roofing & Construction, Inc. for experienced roofing services near you. Reach us at 217-636-8071.

Roofing Myths Debunked

photo of mythsWhen looking for roofing information on the internet, you are bound to find a few tall-tales about different roofing materials. Some roofing myths sounds very logical and become commonly accepted as true. Here at Williams Roofing and Construction, we hear many of these myths, so we compiled our top four into a list. Have you heard any of these?

Top 4 Roofing Myths

Myth #1: Metal Roofs Are Really Noisy During Rain Storms.

This is a concern for many home owners when considering a metal roof. They think their metal roof will be a cacophony of raindrops during storms. However, your roof will most likely be as silent as your previous roof. Insulation in your attic muffles the sound of rain.

Myth #2: The More Insulation In Your Attic, The Better For Your Roof!

This sounds logical, right? After all, insulation means your roof will be better protected from damage and your home will retain it’s heat or cool during weather changes. However, there is such a thing as too much insulation. When you stack too much, this can lead to poor ventilation. If moisture gets caught in an area with poor ventilation, it can turn into water damage, mold, and wood rot.

Myth #3: To Repair Or Replace Your Roof, Just Install New Material Over The Old One.

We’ve heard this about roof coatings and shingles. When you see an area of your roof that is missing materials or is damaged, the last thing you want to do is just install new material over it. This ignores the problem and can even cause further damage. Your roofer should come out to inspect the area and then install new roofing material to ensure your roof is prepared for the new roof.

Myth #4: Annual Roof Inspections Are A Waste Of Time And Money.

This myth is not only silly, it can be dangerous and costly. Annual roof inspections are important for your roof’s health. During this time, your roofer can find any small issues and repair them, fortifying your roof against further damage. When you decide to discontinue these, those small problems are permitted to grow and weaken your roof, leading to huge problems and full roof replacement later down the line.

We hope that this has been informative. Heard any interesting myths? Let us know. If you need a roof inspection in Springfield, IL, call Williams Roofing and Construction today at (217) 636-8071!

Upgrade to Metal Roofing

If you are looking to install a new roof or replace an old one, there are many materials out there to choose from. While asphalt shingles are still one of the top options, there are many benefits to other roofing materials, including metal. Here are some of the many benefits to having a metal roof installed on your home.

Metal Roof

Durability – Metal roofs are known to be long lasting due to the strength of the material. They will typically last for 70 years or longer and come with extended warranties. Because of how metal is installed, it is less susceptible to cracks that could lead to leaking. The material is strong enough to withstand debris and even small hailstones meaning you have less risk of a dented or punctured roof.

Energy Efficiency – Keeping your home cool during the hot summer months is much easier when you have metal roofing. Because the surface is reflective, sunlight will bounce off metal instead of being absorbed into the attic and heating up your home. This will save you lots of money on your energy bills.

These are just a few reasons why metal roofing is becoming more and more popular as a roofing option for homes. If you need help determining which roofing material is right for you, contact the roofing experts at Williams Roofing and Construction Inc. today at (217) 636-8071. Our team of roofers is available to roofing installation, repairs, and more in Springfield, IL.

Winterizing Your Roofing System

Winterizing Your Roofing System

You may have noticed the chill in the air, the leaves are beginning to change colors, and pretty soon, winter will be right on our doorstep. And you know what that means: ice and plenty of snow. Both of which can prove to be damaging to your roofing system if it has not been adequately prepped. We’re to provide you with some tips on winterizing your roofing system.

  • Clean your gutters. – Obstructions in your gutter can prevent substantial water drainage. These backups can result in water damage to your gutters, siding, and even the foundation.
  • Inspect and repair. – Call one of our pros to come to your home for a full assessment of your roofing system. We will be able to immediately address any small problems that could possibly develop into something more significant.
  • Insulate your attic. – Without proper insulation, heat can escape through the roof of your home. This loss of heat can melt the snow and cause ice dams and icicles to form.
  • Trim low hanging tree limbs. – Branches that you see are hanging low will have a tendency to bend and possibly fall under the weight of ice or snow. Now is the best time to remove those branches.

The goal is making sure that your roofing system makes it through the winter safe and sound. And the best way to do that is to fully winterize your roof. Always remain proactive to maintain a healthy and fully operational roof. If you find yourself with questions or concerns, the experts at Williams Roofing and Construction are here for you. Be sure to give us a call (217) 636-8071.