7 Fall Roof Maintenance Tips for Businesses in Springfield


Fall is finally here, and very soon, winter will also kick in. Do you know what that means for you as a business person in Springfield? It’s the month of getting your roof checked and either replaced or repaired.

The months that followed fall were too hot, and suddenly the roof would experience extreme cold. If you don’t carry out proper fall roof maintenance, the structure may not shelter you from the extreme weather.

But how do you carry out proper roof maintenance during the fall season? This article is here to refresh your memory with essential fall roof maintenance tips.

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7 Commercial Roofing Mistakes to Avoid for Businesses

In order to fit properly shingles are cut.

Keeping the roof above your business functional and intact seems like an obvious and easy thing, right? It should be as simple as hiring someone and letting them handle it, but it isn’t always that simple.

Mistakes happen, but running a business means avoiding the mistakes where they matter and planning to do things right.

So we here at Williams Roofing and Construction are here to help you avoid the biggest commercial roofing mistakes business often make. Let’s take a closer look.

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7 Signs of Roof Damage Businesses in Illinois Should Look For

Roof restoration
Roof restoration

Are you worried that your commercial roof might be damaged? Can you remember the last time you had your roof inspected or repaired? If not, then you may need to have the vital step done. Looking for signs of roof damage is the best way to get it repaired or replaced to keep your building safe.

Read on for the signs to look for to determine if there is damage to your business roof in Illinois.

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How Long Should You Expect Your Roof to Last?

Your average commercial roof lasts anywhere from ten to forty years.

Lifespan of a roof
tile roof with blue sky

But why such a vast range of time?

Although the lifespan of a roof varies based on several factors, the material of the roof is the biggest determining factor.

Read on to learn how long you should expect your roof to last and what shortens or extends its life.

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What Questions Should I Ask a Commercial Roofer Before Hiring Them?

commercial roofer
Two high-altitude workers work on the roof with insurance

The average lifespan of a roof is thirty years. Many things can affect this average, however.

A roof might have a shorter lifespan in areas of severe weather. It can take damage from flying debris, tree limbs, and more. A roof can also last longer if it’s well taken care of.

Let’s say it’s time you replace the roof on your company’s building. How can you be sure to hire the best commercial roofer for the job?

Continue reading to learn a few essential questions you should ask a commercial roofer before hiring them. These will cover the most important bases of what you should expect in a commercial roofing company.

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5 Key Benefits of PVC Roofing Membrane

Aldocoat 395 over SPF

Does plumbing come to mind when you hear PVC?

This type of plastic is a common material for pipes, but it’s also a strong contender for roofing material.

A PVC roofing membrane is often an option on a flat or low-sloped roof like those found on commercial buildings. It offers many benefits that make it a lasting option.

Keep reading to learn five key benefits of PVC roofing.

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How Your Business Can Save Energy (And Money!) With Energy-Efficient Roofing

energy-efficient roofing

Did you know that most commercial buildings in the US spend nearly 50% of their energy resources on heating and cooling the space? Can you imagine how much money can be saved if this energy expenditure is greatly reduced?

Luckily, there is a great way to do that – by using energy-efficient roofing. The roof of your commercial building or warehouse can absorb a lot of heat during hot summer days. As a result, you have to spend tons of dollars cooling down your establishment.

Avoid that and save a lot of money each year by implementing these tips to make the roof of your business a more energy-efficient one! 

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8 Keys to Conducting a Thorough Commercial Roofing Inspection

roofing inspection

Maintaining a roof is key to protecting the rest of the building, but have you wondered if your last roofing inspection was done correctly?

The weather in Illinois can be extreme, so missing details can result in leaks or damage.

Check out these eight keys of commercial roofing inspection to ensure you’re getting the best service.

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Selecting Commercial Roofing Materials for Your Springfield Business

commercial roofing materials

Snow, rain, sun, wind- what’s the weather today? In Springfield, it’s possible to have all the seasons show up in the same week. Most people look outside the window or open a door to find out the weather, but if you can tell the weather conditions outside while standing inside, it’s time for a new roof.

Commercial buildings typically have different types of roof construction than residences. When you look for a new roof, the most important factors are cost, longevity and energy efficiency. Commercial roofing materials for Springfield and surrounding areas need to keep the local weather in mind.

Learn more about your options.

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