7 Roofing Inspection Mistakes to Avoid for Springfield Businesses

roofing inspection mistakes

One roofing inspection mistake can cost you big money. If your roof inspection is not done right, it can force major construction you’ll have to pay for out of pocket. 

And that’s only the beginning. 

Problems with your roof put you and your customers in danger every time you’re in the building.  Roofing inspection mistakes can cost you more than money– someone could get hurt. 

Your business has enough to worry about without adding roof integrity to the mix.

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Your Top Choice for Commercial Roofing in Illinois

As commercial roofing contractors with 30+ years of experience, there isn’t a commercial roof we can’t restore to day-one condition. 

Restore Your Roof the Right Way

commercial roofing inspection

Is your roof suffering from weather, structural, or time-related damage? Has a lack of time or budget gotten in the way of you getting it fixed?

Aside from posing a serious risk to anyone underneath them, damaged or worn down roofs can seriously take away from the market value of your property. 

As one of the leading commercial roofing companies in Springfield, Champaign, Bloomington, and Peoria, IL, let us restore your commercial roof to better-than-new capacity. 

Book Your Free Inspection

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6 Most Common Types of Commercial Roofing in Springfield, IL

commercial roofing springfield il

You’re building a new property for your business. You’ve got most of the specifics laid out. But you’re still trying to decide on the type of roofing you should use. 

There are several options available, all of which offer their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. To help you decide which is best for your business property, we’re going to discuss them in detail below. So, here are the six most common types of commercial roofing in Springfield, IL, without further ado. 

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8 Critical Signs You Need Flat Roof Repair

flat roof repair

In general, flat roofs tend to require more work in terms of installation and repairs than other roofing types. They are more prone to leaks, especially because water doesn’t run off when it rains, unlike sloped roofs.

For this reason, it’s imperative that you conduct regular inspections and maintenance to enhance the longevity of your commercial flat roof.

Even with maintenance, however, you may still experience damages and need flat roof repair. Most minor repair issues will cost you hundreds of dollars. The trick here is in finding these repair issues and catching them on time. It may be harder for you to notice flat roof damages as you would pitch roofs.

For that reason alone, we have gathered comprehensive information about finding these damages. In this post, we have addressed all the signs that you may need flat roof repair.

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The Complete Guide to Commercial Flat Roofing in Springfield, IL

If you own a business, you’ll need to have a high-quality roof to prevent your building from getting damaged.


Roofing is something that many business owners overlook because it’s not something they think about. When an owner buys a building, they often focus on the interior and what people will regularly see from the outside. However, the roof doesn’t get much attention because most people aren’t looking at it.

When you have a poor-quality or damaged roof, you’ll run the risk of damaging the interior. Your building’s stability may also weaken in the future if the water is constantly pouring down the sides because the roof isn’t installed correctly. Fortunately, commercial flat roofing can prevent you from running into problems.

Keep on reading to learn more about commercial flat roofing in Springfield, IL!

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7 Things to Consider When Seeking a Commercial Flat Roof Repair

commercial flat roof

Owning a small business is no walk in the park. It can be even more stressful if you own the property. Unlike renting a building, you are responsible for building maintenance and repairs. 

When it comes time to get your roof repaired or replaced, it’s up to you to make the best decision for your company and your finances. Though the choice is ultimately in your hands, you’re not alone. We’re here to help provide some insight into how to find the best company to repair your commercial flat roof.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about flat roof repair and restoration in Illinois.

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6 Signs You Need to Call a Commercial Roofing Service in Springfield

commercial roofing service

Having a roof over your head has for a long time been associated with a sense of belonging and security. But this comfort can only last as long as you take care of your roof. Yes, roof maintenance and regular repairs are parts of owning a commercial building.

Unfortunately, some people wait until their roof starts sagging and appears like it’s about to fall on them before they remember that a commercial roofing service exists. Does it have to get to that? Absolutely not!

So, how do you know that your roof needs some repairs or replacement? Here are seven signs to look for.

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7 Fall Roof Maintenance Tips for Businesses in Springfield


Fall is finally here, and very soon, winter will also kick in. Do you know what that means for you as a business person in Springfield? It’s the month of getting your roof checked and either replaced or repaired.

The months that followed fall were too hot, and suddenly the roof would experience extreme cold. If you don’t carry out proper fall roof maintenance, the structure may not shelter you from the extreme weather.

But how do you carry out proper roof maintenance during the fall season? This article is here to refresh your memory with essential fall roof maintenance tips.

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7 Commercial Roofing Mistakes to Avoid for Businesses

In order to fit properly shingles are cut.

Keeping the roof above your business functional and intact seems like an obvious and easy thing, right? It should be as simple as hiring someone and letting them handle it, but it isn’t always that simple.

Mistakes happen, but running a business means avoiding the mistakes where they matter and planning to do things right.

So we here at Williams Roofing and Construction are here to help you avoid the biggest commercial roofing mistakes business often make. Let’s take a closer look.

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